June is Idaho Wine Month!

As wine lovers we all know we don't wait for a single month to drink our favorite wines, so in June make sure those favorites are from one of Idaho's spectacular wineries. Share your photos experiencing Idaho Wine Month on social media using hashtags #IdahoWineMonth and #IdahoWines. Click here to view the latest Idaho Wine Month Calendar of Events. Get out and Support Idaho Wines all month long!

Cheers to the best month of the year!

Prepare for Takeoff - Idaho Wines Fly Free June 1st, 2017

Beginning June 1, 2017, all Idaho wines will be cleared for takeoff from both the Boise (BOI) and Lewiston (LWS) airports on Alaska Airlines flights. What does that means to a consumer? Any Alaska Airlines mileage plan member can ship one case of wine for FREE. This saves the complexity for the wine, not the flight. Not an Alaska Airlines mileage plan member? Signing up is fast, easy, and free.

How to Fly Your Wine For Free: Wine must be safely packaged for transport in a protective shipping container. TSA asks that containers not be sealed, but remain open for inspection. The first case free program applies from Boise (BOI) and Lewiston (LWS) airports to all destinations served by Alaska Airlines in the United States. It does not apply to international destinations. Advise the Alaska Airlines Customer Service Agent when you check in so the box can be properly labeled with FRAGILE stickers. Items packaged in cardboard boxes are covered in case of loss, but are checked at your own risk for damage. View Alaska Airlines’ Checked Baggage Policies for more details. All this information and more can be found at idahowinesflyfree.com.

PDF Information Sheet

Provided by Idaho Wine Commission.

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