5 Most Spectacular Burgers to Try in Dubai

Image courtesy of Moylos Burgers

Thrumming with life and vibrant energy, Dubai is a cosmopolitan haven for everything that delights the senses. From the colorful souks to the the towering skyscrapers, there is always something to appease your cravings for culture, adventure and flavor.

A feast of flavors

You will find a plethora of choices for every discerning palate – from the ultra luxurious fine-dining establishments to trendy cafes and fast food joints. Known as the City of Superlatives where going over the top is not unusual, Dubai can surely satisfy even the most epicurean taste buds.

Only last year, the world’s most expensive burger was sold here during a charity auction for a whopping $10,000. It was prepared by a member of Qatar’s royal family, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani and Russell Impiazzi, Culinary Director at La Gourmet, one of the top restaurants in Dubai Mall.

Also the chairman of the Department of Statistics and Community Development in Sharjah and co-founder of Musafir.com, Sheikh Al Thani prepared this record-breaking burger with aged cheddar and veal bacon, sandwiched in a saffron brioche burger bun with seven spices and Harissa burger sauce. All this effort was made to support Pink Caravan’s cancer research and awareness campaign.

You don’t need to splurge that much for a burger, however, as there are plenty of other scrumptious patty creations to be found. If you’re looking for juicy, mouthwatering goodness in between two slices of bread, then here’s a list of some of the most drool-worthy burgers in Dubai:

1. Bazxar Steakhouse Burger

Made from 100% Angus beef, this burger uses 200g of beefy goodness tastefully accentuated with truffle mayo and garnished with sauteed spinach, portobello mushrooms and onion rings.

This is definitely a must when you visit one of the city’s trendiest food haunts. Offering a culinary adventure with global influences, each meal is an experience to savor. Located at the Dubai International Financial Center, Bazxar offers a great vibe, lovingly crafted food, and fantastic service.

2. Moylo’s Burgers

It’s a gastronomic gourmet treat with Moylo’s homemade burgers. Their 100% Wagyu beef patty is paired with Cajun tempura onion rings and smothered in cheese and their secret signature sauce. You can choose from three bun options – original potato bun, brown bread bun, or go green with their lettuce wrap.

Take the experience a notch higher by pairing (and sharing ) their ginormous XXL3 Freak shakes and Mamma Mia! fat fries. Moylo prides itself for also using fresh ingredients every day.

You can find them at Jumeirah Beach Road.

3. Elevation Burger

With a vision of “making the world a better place one bite at a time,” Elevation Burger certainly takes you to stratospheric heights when you grab a bite of their 100% organic, grass-fed, free-range beef burgers. These environment-friendly patties are all ground in-house and hand-pattied.

Organic, sustainable and fresh, Elevation’s ingredients are made with careful consideration for your health as well as your loved ones’. Their veggie burgers are also something to whet your appetite, being made from organic grains and vegetables.

One of their stupendous burgers is the Vertigo Burger where you can stack up as much as 10 organic patties in one burger. You can challenge yourself and see how you can take one huge bite out of this vertiginous creation.

Check them out at Latifah Tower, World Trade Center, Dubai and other locations.

4. Blaze Burgers

If you want to feel like a kid at the candy store (albeit with meat patties, mind you), then Blaze Burgers at The Walk, JBR is the place for you.

Highly customizable, this burger destination that lies a bit on the premium lane, allows you to choose from a dozen topping suggestions whilst offering you a shelf full of condiments that you can shoot into your tiny shopping basket.

The industrial-looking space will allow you to enjoy delectable choice patties with select Angus or Wagyu beef served in a variety of buns – soft white, whole wheat, or lettuce wrap.

The 6Abooga Burger, otherwise known as the Brick Burger, comes highly recommended in all its cheesy deliciousness. It’s basically your favorite topping between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Add a serving of Crazy Fries and any of their thirst-quenching milkshakes and you will be rolling your eyes (and patting your stomach) in delight.

5. Habibi Burgers

Situated at Dubai Marina promenade, a dining date at Habibi Burgers also comes with a stunning view.

This cozy homegrown restaurant is a fusion of two gourmet favorites – mezze and burgers. Their more popular beef burger is called The Works and the burst of flavor will really tickle your tastebuds. If you’re a vegetarian, they also offer the Beetroot and Quinoa Burger which is also full of flavor with all the health benefits.

Wash it down with any of their milkshakes – the Nutty Brown got a lot of rave reviews.

A bevy of burgers
These are just a handful of totally delish burger creations that will transport you to culinary paradise. You don’t have to eat them every day (if you can help it), but there’s plenty more to discover that will satiate your burger-savvy self. So just take it slow and savor every last bite.