Dining Bucket List: BBQ4LIFE


Photo: Stephanie Forrer

When we heard about BBQ4LIFE on Vista in Boise we were intrigued by the cuisine. The obvious question was, “How can BBQ and vegan cuisine co-exist and why?” We learned that the answer is all about pleasing everyone in the family, which is truly appreciated. Using recipes from family members, BBQ4LIFE has created unique cuisine that appeals to everyone from the He-Man BBQ aficionado to the more health conscious vegan and gluten-free diner.

The traditional BBQ is smoked with pecan wood on offset smokers. We saw the large smoker while we were there and visited with owner Brad Taylor, discussing his style of BBQ and the love that goes into it. We then knew why the meat was so tender, flavorful and delicious. He believes in letting the quality of the BBQ flavor shine through and not smothering the meat in sauce. He only adds a small amount of sauce to the food, but there is additional sauce at the table.

The Décor is simple with picnic table seating, which was a nice touch. The atmosphere is laidback and friendly. We enjoyed the Soup of the Day which was a spicy Pork Chili made with pinto beans, kidney beans and bell peppers. Smoked Meat fans will be quite pleased with both the fall-off-the- bone tender Pulled Pork Sandwich and the Mack Daddy Sandwich, made with de-boned Baby Back Ribs and served on a garlic buttered toasted bun with lettuce and Idaho’s Chivers BBQ sauce. We enjoyed sides of Spicy Vegan Cole Slaw and Traditional Potato Salad. Well, I guess we went for the BBQ and need to go back soon to try the Vegan cuisine and homemade sausage. You will love BBQ 4LIFE!