Dining Bucket List: Dawg House II

Photo by Stephanie Forrer

When presented with the prospect of delicious burgers, gourmet hot dogs, and refreshing brews, I simply could not resist a visit to Dawg House II. My friends and I opted for the pub area of the restaurant, picking a cozy booth. We ordered a couple of pints of and a glass of merlot while perusing the extensive menu, which was full of decadent selections, including tasty apps, a wide variety of hot dogs and burgers, and if you were lucky enough to save room for dessert, a tempting array of ice cream sundaes. But with the brief interlude of some crispy and flavorful Tempura Mushrooms, we had to stay focused, for our mission was simple: to taste some outstanding hot dogs, burgers and sandwiches.

So that’s exactly what we ordered. We got the Reuben the Dog (a gourmet hot dog with sauerkraut, Thousand Island dressing and melted Swiss), the Volcano Burger, and the Tender Pulled Pork Sandwich. When the beauties arrived, they were served with a variety of sides, including house made chips for one of the entrées, house made fries for another, and sinfully yummy tater tots for the third main. And my goodness, this was some darn good food! My personal favorite was the Volcano Burger, which was served atop a Texas Toast bun with the standard burger fixings. But what made this burger special was the combination of spicy pepper jack cheese, zesty jalapeños and sweet pineapple slices. The spice of jalapeños, juiciness of locally ground burger patty and the delicate flavors of pineapple made this burger an absolute knockout. Additionally, the Pulled Pork Sandwich had great textural variation, with a delightful crunch from the cilantro coleslaw, a luscious taste of pork and tangy barbeque sauce. Despite the chill of the day and the gloom of the afternoon, the meal we enjoyed at the Dawg House II made the day all the brighter.