Dining Bucket List: Quinn’s Pub


Photo: Quinn's Facebook

You are wandering along Pike Street in Seattle; you want a beer, but there is an overwhelming number of spots with almost too many great microbrews on tap. Decisions, decisions… Well, here is one decision you can get behind, and I’ll help you out by suggesting Quinn’s own Belgian Style Golden Ale. Quinn’s Pub partners with a local brewery that mixes regional and Belgium hops to create an authentic Belgian taste...and what a success! Quinn’s Belgian Style Golden Ale has tiny bubbles and a fruity taste, but the real delight is its crispiness. Best at a very cold temperature, drinking this specialized ale is like biting into a perfect, cool apple.

Quinn’s is an easy place to be. You can show up dressed fancy or in jeans; either way you are welcome and comfortable. It’s a full-service restaurant and bar with a staff that knows both food and their job. Quinn’s is not pretentious or snooty.

While you're there you might also try the Wild Boar Sloppy Joe. It has a layer of flavors that begins with just a hint of spiciness and then is immediately cooled by the perfect Brioche Bun. All of Quinn’s food is hearty. Quinn’s has fried broccoli and foie gras on the permanent menu. 


Photo: Quinn's Facebook

Quinn’s even has something for the vegetarian (not vegan). Cauliflower Coulibiac can stand up to any meaty meal. A coulibiac is a Russian hand pie (I had to ask), and uses cauliflower instead of the traditional salmon or sturgeon. Egg pulls it all together, giving the feel of a home-style meat pie.

You will crave nothing after eating at Quinn’s except to eat at Quinn’s again, very soon. I’d return to Quinn’s if only to pop in for a beer, but I know I would end up staying for the food.