Where to Drink 7 Boozy Autumn Cocktails in Portland

With the crisp breeze warning that Autumn is just around the corner (not to mention the rain), it’s time to revisit Portland’s rich history of hot beverages that put a little spice in your life. Mainly, it’s time to talk about coffee & toddy cocktails.

Hubers / Facebook

The history of mixing coffee with liquor is a long and sometimes forgotten one, but Huber’s Cafe’s Spanish Coffee has long been considered the original American incarnation of Carajillo, a drink with history rooted in Spanish occupation of Cuba. Don’t let the delicious flavor fool you though, this combination of 151 Rum, Kahlua and coffee packs a flaming punch!

Hubers / Facebook

Not a fan of coffee but love a warm beverage while out on the town? Stop into Le Bistro Montage for Jason’s Waterfall. Apple Brandy and Becherovka (an herbal liqueur) blend into a perfect combination of honey, cloves and cinnamon for a cocktail you won’t be able to put down.

Kell's / Facebook

Portland institution Kell’s Irish Pub serves up a classic Hot Apple Toddy, with plenty of Brandy and lemon juice to spike their apple cider. Sometimes you just need a classic cocktail.

Zeus Cafe / Facebook

The venerable Zeus Cafe (inside McMenamin’s Crystal Hotel) brings us Tradewinds, a cocktail infused with mystery and heavy whip… actually it’s Maui dark rum with penche de vigne, allspice & cocoa demerara.  

The Rookery Bar (inside Raven & Rose) serves inspired cocktails, not the least of which is the Ballycotton Toddy; Irish whiskey, black currant and Irish Moss swirl together with honey, lemon and allspice. Don’t miss this one.

The Rookery Bar / Facebook

Honorable Mentions:

The Pearl’s Brix Tavern serves their coffee with an Irish twist - Jameson Whiskey, hazelnut and dark chocolate swirl to create an indulgent kickstart to any happy hour.

No brunch at Genie’s Cafe is complete without the Peppermint Party! Not for the faint of heart (or those with afternoon plans), this combination of Rumple Minze, hot chocolate and two shots of espresso will jump start brunch, just be sure to pace yourself.