Top Foodie Influencer in Boise, Idaho

Alex is the creator of Boifood Media, he’s Boise’s top food influencer and blogger. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has two puppies Saki & Spam. The Eat Guide already featured him on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, included him in the Top Boise Foodie Influencer article.


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He’s a brunch lover who is always for his next oyster. They feature self-care reminders, the hottest restaurants, food events, Chef stories, and so much more. Let him guide you to the most delicious spots in the Treasure Valley through mouth-watering food pictures and videos. You can also find him at the Table Rock Podcast and his website

Alex's Top Restaurant

When people find out I’m a food blogger the inevitable question always is asked, “What’s your favorite restaurant?” So here are the tried and true places I like to take people to eat in the Treasure Valley. Personally, I’m a locavore who loves to support refugee, black, and LGBT-owned restaurants and look for only the best service experiences.

Kibrom’s Ethiopian & Eritrean Cuisine 

Photo by Allison Coron

Be prepared to eat with your hands! This serves as the gateway for Ethiopian & Eritrean food and culture in the Boise area and is a refugee-owned business. Personally, I love the #1 Lamb and I highly recommend you ask for teff only Injera which is a naturally gluten-free fermented flatbread and is how true Ethiopians and Eritreans eat injera with their meals. 

Amano Restaurante 

I am totally biased as I once trained to become a manager here! Sal the chef and owner started as a line cook at Whole Foods and worked his way into owning his own restaurant. All the recipes are crafted by his mother. In fact, if you order a chili Rellenos you will certainly get a dish crafted by his mother's hands. If you want to find the perfect date night in Boise, look no further. I highly recommend the Loteria drink menu and esquites which is like an Elote off the cob. I can never leave without ordering the quesadilla with the squash flower blossom, it seriously is the best. If you love the design you can thank Sal’s wife Becca for the incredible work she’s put into building this brand.

Petite Four

The Kelly’s (the two on the left pictured above) are notorious for their previous sandwich shop Bleu Bird… in fact, when they host sandwich pop-ups people shift their entire schedules to pick up a sandwich. This is my favorite place for beef tartar and I highly recommend you go to their donut & coffee pop-ups on Saturdays from 8 A.M. to 11 A.M. at the pickup window in Boise.