Treats to Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth – Sacramento, CA

Sacramento is known for being the Farm to Fork Capital which usually makes people think of savory food.  However, Sac's dessert scene should not be ignored!  One should always save room for dessert dining in Sacramento since the options are as abundant as delicious!  No matter what your preference is when it comes to sweets, be it chocolatey or fruity, Sac has something for you.

Ginger Elizabeth | 1801 L St.  Suite 60 | (916) 706-1738

Ginger Elizabeth, known for its delicious high-end desserts, everything is made in-house, sourcing ingredients from local farms whenever possible, aligning with Sacramento's farm to fork mentality.  The shop offers an array of gourmet chocolates, macarons, cookies, cakes, ice cream, and chocolate drinks. Their drinking chocolate matches the hot chocolate described in The Polar Express book.  Fans also look forward to special events such as Custard Day or Jam Day, offering special menu items only for one day. Check out their Instagram account to be updated with their events.


The Parlor Ice Cream | 2620 Fair Oaks Blvd. | (916) 977-3997

The Parlor Ice Cream brings trendy and decadent ice cream desserts that you've only seen on Instagram to Sacramento.  They started with a line of ice creams in flavors made exclusively for their shop and ice cream puffs, a warm donut stuffed with ice cream, a topping, and then sealed.  They also offered a Puffle which is more like a waffle than a donut.  Since then, they've added more drool-worthy desserts like their The Works Shake (a milkshake with topping rimmed glass and a donut on top) and different flavored churros to add to your ice cream cup. In addition, they currently offer a myriad of mixtures to conceptualize a personalized experience through our Ice Cream Puffs, The Works, Churros & Ice Cream.  Who knows what they'll come up with next?



Frank Fat's | 806 L Street | (916) 442-7092

Frank Fat's is not a dessert shop. Instead, Frank Fat was an innovator, bringing Chinese cuisine to Sacramento 78 years ago.  Since the restaurant is just a few blocks away from the State Capital building, Fat wanted to give the government officials something they were comfortable with to pull them into his restaurant.  His answer was Banana Cream Pie, and that delicious pie is still famous today.  The restaurant also offers chocolate cream pie and ice cream in a few different flavors. So if you want to experience a little bit of history, Fat's Famous Banana Cream Pie is the dessert for you!