Weekly Facebook Giveaways

Weekly Facebook Giveaways!

Every Tuesday afternoon we post new giveaways to fantastic restaurants in all our markets, from Seattle to Napa, Boise to Portland and all of Central Oregon, we want to give everyone a chance to experience a delicious treat, a indulgent dinner or an Instagram worthy brunch!

Winners are announced on Facebook the following Monday.

For the Contest Week of  February 11th, 2019:



$25 Poquitos - Enter Here!


$25 Smallwares - Enter Here!


$50 Compline - Enter Here!


$25 The Hideaway- Enter Here!


$25 Meraki - Enter Here!

Check back each week for an updated contest list, and be sure you are following along with The Eat Guide on Facebook to be part of the best restaurant news, reviews and giveaways!