Where To Eat In Bend: Happy Hour At Brickhouse

Photo by Madeline Churm

On a misty afternoon, I went out for happy hour at Brickhouse. The yellow paneling lining the windows and the cobblestone sidewalk surrounding the restaurant made me feel like I was in Europe for the afternoon, which is never a bad feeling. But I was here for more than just admiration of the beautiful building--I was here for some delicious food and beverages.

My friends and I were promptly seated in the lounge area and instantly began to plot our menu selections. After much deliberation (and a killer Lemondrop, Fresh Squeezed Margarita, and glass of the House Chardonnay), we decided which tasty plates we would soon gobble up. Amid the yummy looking selections, which included assorted brick oven pizzas, zucchini tempura, onion rings, heirloom tomato bruschetta and fish tacos, we opted for steak quesadilla, truffle fries, Cajun fried oysters and steamed clams. As we waited, delightedly sipping our drinks, I looked around, observing the inviting aesthetic of the space. Although we were nestled in the lounge area, I could clearly see into the sleepy street, glistening with the fallen raindrops from the afternoon, just outside,.

Within 15 minutes, our food arrived. Served on elegant plates, the it looked even more delectable than I had imagined. The truffle fries were sprinkled with sea salt and fresh rosemary and accompanied by a flavorful side of ketchup. And as you may have already guessed, they were swoon-worthy. The richness of the truffle oil combined with the crispy texture of the fries made for an absolutely decadent taste. The Cajun fried oysters were also delightful, served alongside a zesty Cajun fry sauce. And though the steak quesadilla was also incredibly delicious, the star of the show was the dish of steamed clams. As they typically are, this was a very straightforward, no-fuss bowl of steamed clams bathing in a wine and butter broth that was absolutely heavenly. To illustrate just how dreamy this broth was, I will tell you that we went through three complimentary baguettes in order to savor every drop of it. It was that good, trust me.

Without any stomach space left for dessert, we contentedly paid our bill and made our way out. The term “Happy Hour” couldn’t have been a more accurate way to describe our flavorful and cozy experience at Brickhouse.