Where To Eat Pizza in Seattle

Photo courtesy of Von's 1000Spirits

Pizza has remained a constant in most cultures, and the original Pizza Margherita created by Neapolitan pizza maker Raffaelle Esposito for the Queen of Italy in 1889, is common on most pizza menus.  Like most cities, Seattle has adopted the pizza culture, and The Where To Eat Guide has identified some delicious places for you to find the pizza of your dreams. From wood-fired pizzas topped with blue cheese, figs, and homemade sausage to calzones stuffed with mozzarella, green peppers, and pepperoni, you are bound to find something the entire family will enjoy. Get online soon and make your reservations!

Von's 1000SpiritsPhoto courtesy of Von's 1000Spirits 

Von’s 1000Spirits

Von’s is doing something different than most as they structure their pizzas with a homemade sourdough crust. Von’s use Guisto’s of San Francisco grains exclusively in the 48-hour sourdough crust. All pizzas are fired with Native Washington Applewood and topped with fresh ingredients such as red wine goat cheese, baby arugula, soppressata, Roquefort, and meatballs. A must try is the Quatre Viande (4 meat) with bolognese, aged asiago, lardons, and Torrid Wurst. Especially for those visiting the Pacific Northwest, we recommend the Wild Salmon Sourdough Pizza with cream sauce, red onion, and aged asiago.

1225 1st Ave

 BelliniPhoto: Bellini Facebook


Over the past several years Bellini owner Steve Schlackman tried to locate an authentic New York style pizza in Seattle. After not finding what he desperately missed about his hometown, he decided to give Seattle the New York love it deserved. Just like in New York, Bellini’s traditional New York style pizzas are simple, cooked in a traditional pizza oven, and insanely delicious. Plus, all these slices are topped with fresh local ingredients.  

 2302 1st Ave

La Vita E Bella

Photo: Stephanie Forrer

La Vita e Bella

La Vita e Bella has been a Belltown Italian restaurant favorite since the 1990s.  Open for lunch and dinner, traditional Italian fare is: wood-fired pizzas, pasta, salads, bruschetta, carne, and zuppa.  Pizza is a well-executed specialty. For meat lovers, try the Capricciosa Pizza topped with ham, artichoke hearts, sausage, fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce.  Vegetarians will adore the Parmigiana topped with eggplant, Parmigiano cheese, basil, fresh mozzarella, and tomato sauce.  La Vita e Bella also has an outstanding reserve wine list that you must peruse.

 2411 2nd Ave

Rocco'sPhoto: Rocco's Facebook


Even though the main reason to visit Rocco’s is for pizza, an additional benefit is that happy hour happens every day! Besides a full bar, Rocco’s has over 20 beers on tap, and we all know how well beer goes with pizza. You are likely to find some very different pizza concoctions on the specialty pizzas list. For example, the Chilango has a tomatillo and jalapeno base sauce and is topped with pulled pork, purple cabbage, cilantro, and mozzarella. The Tikka-Tikka-Tikka is topped with curry-yogurt marinated chicken, curried pizza sauce, red onion, mozzarella, and a side of mint chutney. For a more traditional style, try the Classic Sausage.

 2228 2nd Ave

Tutta Bella

Photo: Alex T/Yelp

Tutta Bella

This Neapolitan Pizzeria shares the centuries-old traditions of Neapolitan cuisine. In addition to pizza, the menu offers homemade pasta and a variety of salads. Tutta Bella’s pizzas and calzones are made with fresh, local ingredients and then wood-fired and finished with pecorino romano. All calzoni are served Neapolitan style. One of our favorites is the Salsccia calzone stuffed with Isernio's Italian sausage, mushroom, roasted pepper, ricotta, chili flakes, Pomodoro, and basil. There are five Tutta Bella locations in the Seattle-area: Columbia City, South Lake Union, Wallingford, Bellevue and Issaquah.


Photo: Lucia Italian Kitchen + Bar Facebook

Lucia Italian Kitchen + Bar

Stationed in the beautiful Green Lake neighborhood, Lucia is loved by locals and tourists. For their delightful pizzas, you must visit in the evening, as pizza is not offered during happy hour or brunch. A few of our favorite pizzas are the Fig & Prosciutto with Gorgonzola cream sauce and the Crimini Mushroom White Truffle Oil & Fennel Sausage with a marsala & garlic cream sauce topped with mozzarella. Many of the menu items can be prepared gluten-free or vegetarian by request.

 7102 Woodlawn Ave NE