7 Top Foodie Influencers Eating in Portland Oregon

Food influencers are the new ones to watch! 

Most of their followers go to social media like Instagram. They rely on them to find where to eat and what to eat. Food influencers use social platforms to post pictures or create blogs about their food and the restaurants where they eat them. More importantly, they express their feedback and review through social media, influencing their captive audience. 

Restaurants acknowledge that social media has been a substantial part of our lives, and they are keeping up with the trend as it keeps growing and growing. It has been evident that visits from food influencers have a valuable and significant effect on a restaurants' online profiles. A restaurant can benefit from partnering with influencers and improve its online presence. 

Here are some of Where To Eat Guide's favorite food influencers who rave about Portland's food scene! Most of them established food bloggers, and some are rising and upcoming ones. 

Judiaann Woo
IG: @judiaann

Judiaann Woo has always believed in the connection of food and people. From a young age cooking alongside her Korean family, to attending culinary school in NYC, and working and collaborating with some of the finest chefs in America, she has witnessed the joy and power that good food has in our daily lives and memories. Today, Judiaann is an independent marketing and culinary consultant and the host of "Food People Are the Best People" podcast on the Eat, Drink, Dine Network. Find her on Instagram at @judiaann to see what she’s been eating and cooking most recently. 

Kara Stokes
IG: @perfectfooddays

Kara Stokes grew up in coastal New England and moved to Portland 8 years ago. This move that was largely motivated by the meals she had on a food-centric weekend visit when she was in Seattle. She started Perfect Food Days to gain experience with food and beverage photography. She also connected to the thriving and tight knit community of chefs and foodies in Portland. Her all time favorite dish in Portland is the clam chowder with smoked marrow bone from Ox, and she considers East Burnside’s Normandie to be the most underrated restaurant in the city.

Norievelle De Vega
IG @nomnom_nori

Nori was born in Manila, Philippines, and currently lives with her fiancé and two basenjis in Portland, Oregon. Her passion for food comes from her travels and affinity to connect with other cultures through cuisine. Being a retired bartender, the food and beverage industry is near and dear to Nori's heart. Along with sharing her favorite local food finds, she advocates for the support of independently owned restaurants weaved into activism for social justice.

Pechluck Laskey
IG: @Pechluck

Pechluck at @pechluck on Instagram and pechluck.com shares her food adventures in the Portland area. Her social media and blog posts highlight small and local businesses and unique dishes. She also shares dish by dish recap of multicourse chef tastings on her blog so you know what to expect of the experience on your food adventures.

IG: @eatinginPDX

Lauren always loved food more than most normal people seem to and wanted to find a creative outlet, so she naturally fell in love with food blogging and food photography. She love highlighting local restaurants and trying all sorts of different food and drinks. Portland has endless options and is blessed to have so many independently ran restaurants that all bring something unique, tasty and fun to the table!

Vicky Ng and Vannessa Ng
IG: @foodbellypdx

Vicki Ng and Vanessa Ng are Canadian-Asian (Canasian!) sisters with an insatiable appetite for food, travel, and adventure. Born and raised in Vancouver BC, they both found themselves calling the weird and beautiful city of Portland OR their home. @foodbellypdx started on Instagram in 2017 because Vicki and Vanessa had too many pictures of food on their phone, and wanted an outlet to share their best food finds. Their account has since grown organically to over 15k followers, with an audience hungry for diverse food opinions.

Neva LaRue
IG @nevafindsfood

Neva LaRue is a former high school culinary teacher turned food influencer, blogger, and educator.  She is currently located in Portland where she is focused on bringing her audience the best recipes, restaurants, and reviews. Neva loves simple, yet comforting recipes, great local restaurants and awesome kitchen and food products. You can follow her on all social media platforms @nevafindsfood.