Bell + Whete Pig Roast Deliciousness

April 26th marked the beginning of a swine filled feast. Nothing is quite as eye-catching as a pig head atop a roasting box on the street corner. Every Sunday, Bell and Whete Executive Chef Stew Navarre roasts a whole young pig on the outdoor patio for the community’s enjoyment. For $24 per person, the meal includes: Roasted Pig, salt roasted potatoes, spring asparagus, citrus chili garlic spread and house-made bannock bread, served on a wooden board. Patrons may order the dish either family style or in individual servings.

The pig is roasted in an above ground Caja China, which is a metal, coal operated roasting box created by Chinese immigrants in Cuba specifically for pig roasts. It delivers a crispy skin and meat so tender that it falls apart in your mouth. They plan to continue the roast every Sunday beginning at 5:00PM until sold out.

We ordered three servings of the pig roast. The vegetables were freshly prepared, the pork was tender and juicy and the bread was a perfect complement to the delicious flavors on the board. The buttered asparagus was especially flavorful. The roasted baby potatoes were so delicious and immediately melted in my mouth. I combined the Bannock bread, citrus chili garlic spread and pork meat to create a perfect combination of savory flavors and textures. I completed my meal with a refreshing $5 Moscow mule.

One thing that I really appreciate is that Bell + Whete has a daily happy hour from 4:00PM. to 7:00PM and late night from 10:00PM to midnight. In addition to our roast, we ordered the pigs in a blanket ($3) and Belgian fries (twice fried) with ham aioli ($3). Sunday offers all patrons beer bottles for half off and their selection is not to be missed!

With no set end date for now, rain or shine, the weekly roasts will go on! The menu will stay the same except for the vegetable, which will rotate seasonally. Guests can sit in the comfortable Bell + Whete dining room or outside.  The best part of sitting outside is you can bring your beloved pooch!

Reservations are not required. However, if you RSVP on Open Table, make sure to write “pig roast” in the comments. Can’t make it on a Sunday evening? The roast is also available for catering. Bell + Whete will bring the pig roast to your events!

Photo credit: Bell + Whete