Best Breakfast Bites in Boise

Note to the reader: not all dishes may be available due to the pandemic. 

Few things are better than waking up to a stack of fluffy pancakes or a side of crispy bacon. So start your day in Boise by choosing a small eatery or a large bistro, many of which have a history in the area and are local spots that both residents and visitors enjoy time and again.

Goldy's Breakfast Bistro

Locals will tell you to endure the line because Goldy's Breakfast Bistro is worth the wait. Striving to impress their customers, Goldy's uses primarily local ingredients, and everything is made from scratch. They are known for their hollandaise sauce that accompanies anything from scrambled eggs to their signature spinach frittatas. The restaurant even promises that they'll entertain you as they whip up your meal.

The Griddle

With an impressive variety, The Griddle has an entrée for everyone. With vegetarian options to meat-lovers meals, the menu is a sundry of items. Are you looking for French toast? You'll have to choose whether you want it in one of six ways. Are you craving a seemingly simple Eggs Benedict? Not here. Choose from an impressive five options, ranging from a Crabcake Benedict to a smoky chorizo option. Of course, you would be remiss not to consider a side of pancakes from a spot known as The Griddle--perhaps their most popular dish.

Waffle Me Up

Walk in the doors of Waffle Me Up, and they will do just that. Both homemade sweet and savory waffles are what you will find in this family-friendly, laid-back spot. Items include their very popular waffles and chicken entrée to their signature BOB Deluxe that features eggs, bacon, and basil to make one large waffle sandwich. This family-run operation opened its doors in 2014 and has been 'waffling' around ever since.


For more sophisticated fare, Juniper serves up a brunch that puts an inspired spin on the classics. Seemingly traditional Brioche French toast is coupled with fried duck tenders, and the pesto omelet envelopes smoked salmon. For eggs benedict, choose from a coupling of crabcakes and beef tenderloins or a ham and spinach option.


If you have a craving for a gourmet breakfast, then these spots in Boise will leave you satisfied.