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Low-Carb Mimics for 6 Favorite High Carb Foods

Slashing carbs from your diet can often leave you feeling deprived of some of your favorite foods. Carbs are also a great way to get the energy needed for your active lifestyle. Healthy carbs can give you good energy, some have reported that on no carb or low carb diets they lost some of their…
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The Best Healthy Take-Out in Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho is booming with healthy takeout options for any meal of the day. Here are some recommendations to please any health-conscious consumer. Vitamin-Rich Starters Sometimes the best start to a busy day is fueling your body and mind with a fresh juice, smoothie, or acai bowl. Boise, Idaho is booming with healthy takeout options…
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4 Healthy Diet Tips for Life in the Northwestern United States

Don't let the cold weather of the northwestern part of the U.S. fool you. There is a rich history of local cuisine in the area thanks in large part to its abundant natural resources. Those traditions can help you when you decide it's time to improve your food choices. Instead of turning to processed and…
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Where to find the Best Happy Hour Boise, Idaho

As a hip and trendy city, it is no surprise that Boise has an abundance of fun and affordable happy hours. If you are looking for the best place to wind down your workday or to kick off your night out on the town, be sure to consider these five friendly locations for your next…
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