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Where to Drink Sustainable Coffee in Boise, Idaho

People care much more now where their food and drink come from. The generic greasy spoon breakfast place with their Styrofoam take away cups is not what people are looking for anymore. Thankfully, there are coffee shops like Form and Function in Boise, Idaho. Environmentally Conscious Practices As well as caring for the greater world…
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Beyond Bacon and Eggs: 4 Great Breakfast Choices To Start Your Day

Skipping a morning meal can lead to sluggishness and irritability, especially for children and young adults. Unfortunately, many people feel too rushed to eat a quality meal before they start the day. Even if your mornings are hectic and harried, there is still time for breakfast. Check out these quick, satisfying, and healthy options that…
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Where To Eat in Boise, Idaho

Whether you’re just passing through or planning on staying a while, it’s important to get a lay of the land foodwise in any new city. A meal can make or break your memory of a place, so choose your restaurants wisely. Boise, Idaho has some great and unexpected culinary treats in store for you. Locally…
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4 Healthy Diet Tips for Life in the Northwestern United States

Don't let the cool weather of the northwestern part of the U.S. fool you. There is a rich history of local cuisine in the area thanks in large part to its abundant natural resources. Those traditions can help you when you decide it's time to improve your food choices. Instead of turning to processed and…
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Low-Carb Mimics for 6 Favorite High Carb Foods

Slashing carbs from your diet can often leave you feeling deprived of some of your favorite foods. Carbs are also a great way to get the energy needed for your active lifestyle. Healthy carbs can give you good energy, some have reported that on no carb or low carb diets they lost some of their…
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