Delicatus: Bringing Steak Dinner to the Deli



NW Natural Beef, whole tenderloin

Delicatus House Steak Seasoning (or your favorite mix)


Generously coat meat with seasoning. Dress with a little oil and drop on a hot, clean grill. Chef Willis likes to grill the tenderloin whole because it locks in flavor and makes grilling life easy. Turn “the brick” on all four sides until well-marked, about 3-4 minutes on each side. Pop the steak into a 500-degree oven for five minutes, or longer, depending on desired doneness. Pull out when finished and let it rest. Don’t disturb it. After three minutes, put some tented foil over the meat and wait some more. When it’s ready to be sliced to desired thickness, season with sea salt and cracked pepper and top with fixings.


A simple side dish that can be used with lots of different applications. Delicatus uses a blend of crimini and portabella mushrooms from Olympia, but it is also superb with foraged morel mushrooms should you be so lucky.

For Every 1 Cup Of Sliced Mushroom, Use ¼ Cup Cream.

Sauté Mushrooms With A Little Butter Or Oil Until Liquid Is Absorbed And Mushrooms Are Wilted. Add Cream To The Hot Pan And Turn Down To Medium High. Add Roasted Garlic And Reduce Cream By Half. Pull Mix Off Heat And Add A Pinch Of Grated Parmesan Cheese And Salt/Pepper Blend. Careful Not To Over Reduce, You Want Some Of That Creamy Goodness For The steak.


About 2 Cups Baby or Chopped Spinach, Loosely Packed.

Clarified Butter Or Oil

Into A Hot Pan, Drop The Greens On Top And Immediately Start Moving Them Around In The Pan. Turn Off The Heat And Toss In A Pinch Of Fresh Garlic. Toss Leaves In Pan And Turn Heat Back On To Medium -High. Work The Greens In The Pan Until Wilted,  Finish With Salt And White Pepper To Taste.


We use Yukon Gold Potatoes for this, you want a thin skinned variety for this garnish. These skins for us our a byproduct of the potatoes we use in our chowder and potato salad. It takes one potato to produce enough Crisps for one order.

Rinse and scrub potato well. Simply peel the potato from end to end, trying to maintain long smooth strokes and produce long skins. Pat skins dry and then fry in 400 degree oil until they crisp up and float to the top of the oil. Drain on paper towel and lightly season with salt.


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Photo Credits: Michael Henry and Katie Lybeck