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The Story of LloydMartin

  While studying English Literature and Musical Engineering at Columbia College in Chicago, Sam Crannell realized that his professional dream might not work out the way he had planned. “I realized I wasn’t going to be a writer, and I wasn’t going to be a rock star,” laughed Sam. Then one day he cooked a…
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Mucca Osteria’s Risotto con Speck, Radicchio e Taleggio

  From Simone Savaiano, chef-owner at Mucca Osteria: “Risotto can be simple to make, you will just need to follow some advice. The veggie stock for example, you can make your own by using fresh ingredients, even just simple carrots, celery and onions. Place them in a large stockpot with cold water, bring it to…
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Mucca Osteria: An Authentic Italian Experience

  If you were paying close attention to the streets of downtown Portland in the spring of 2011, you might have noticed a young Roman cyclist pedaling with a passion from building to building. Among the swaths of bike commuters that pace this city, there was something special about this man and his daily ride.…
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Spork’s Lomo Saltado

  This is a popular Peruvian dish that shows a Chinese influence, combining steak and potatoes with rice and soy and stir-fry cooking. (Serves 4) 1 lb beef tenderloin 1 lb red potato 4 eggs (optional) Crème fraiche (optional) 1 large red bell pepper 1 large red onion 2 cups steamed jasmine rice Salt and…
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