Cocktail Just Outside Portland City Limits

The cocktail bar above Loyal Legion’s Beaverton beer hall, Flora, opened its doors  Thursday, April 28th. Flora is a reservation-only cocktail bar, and obviously, people can make reservations up to one month in advance.

However, to Loyal Legion’s lively beer bar environment, this intimate, refined upper-level bar hosts crystal glassware, ethereal wallpaper depicting mythical creatures, and cocktails curated by Tiana Stuart.

Kurt Huffman

"A critical part of every Loyal Legion is our hidden cocktail bar. We have Voysey, a 50-person underground cocktail bar run by Katie Stipe, at our Portland location. At the upper level of our Beaverton location, we have Flora, run by Tiana Stuart. A reservation-only bar like Flora will be a first in Beaverton, and we are excited to be able to provide our guests with a unique experience." - Kurt Huffman, Managing Partner, Loyal Legion/Flora/ChefStable.

Tiana Stuart

Flora Bar Manager Tiana Stuart began her bartending career at Beaverton’s Dublin Pub back in 2010. Since then, she's managed and directed cocktail menus for bars and gastropubs in Los Angeles and Portland, including Prost!

“The pandemic was hard on me. I saw the decline of my friends and colleagues in the service industry, and I almost quit the industry entirely. A former colleague brought me over to Loyal Legion Beaverton, and I fell back in love with cocktail creation. Customers were asking for obscure things I haven't made in a long time, and it got my wheels turning again.” -Tiana Stuart, Flora Bar Manager.

Tiana’s cocktail menu is eclectic. Moreover, it’s plant-based, refreshing, playful, and colorful. “In Beaverton, people are leaning into unique cocktails, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to make them something to their taste. The menu will change each week, and I want to allow my guests to give feedback and lead the direction of the menu,” said Tiana Stuart.

Cocktails on the menu for the opening week include the Caribbean Horchata, made with Plantation rum, Money on my Mind, featuring a Tang (yes, Tang) simple syrup with gin and Lillet Blanc, and Southern Drawl, a cocktail crafted with the perfect blend of whiskey, Aperol, and cayenne simple.