Seattle Restaurants With Outstanding Summer Food

Whether you’re visiting Seattle or live in the area and simply looking for something new to try, here are some delicious restaurants to try. From coffee shops to sit-down eateries, these establishments have the perfect summer foods and drinks to tickle your taste buds and cool you off. 

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Café Juanita

Italian may seem heavy for summer fare, but that’s not always the case. Café Juanita is a prime example of an Italian eatery offering a variety of tasting menus that make perfect summer meals. They even have pescatarian and vegan options, not to mention brilliant wine options.

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La Carta de Oaxaca

Mexican is another option that may first seem too heavy for summer but isn’t if you do it right. La Carta de Oaxaca is a colorful Mexican restaurant and is a great place to visit, even in the summer. Handmade guacamole is one option that’s perfectly refreshing during the summer. Not to mention, they offer more than 40 varieties of mezcal for your tasting pleasure. Plus, you can consume guac and tequila on the patio and enjoy the great outdoors and sunny weather.

Bakery Nouveau

Seattle wouldn’t be Seattle without great coffee and bakeries. Bakery Nouveau’s delicious coffee will leave you asking, just what does awake mean? At this bakery, it means flavorful coffee that will leave you feeling alert and content. This bakery has great pastries as well. The double-baked almond croissant is well worth trying, but grab extra napkins as it’s quite messy.

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The Whale Wins Larder and Café

Fresh seafood is another must-have in Seattle. The Whale Wins is a casual counter spot and grocer that’s a great option for fresh fish, charcuterie, cheese, wine and more. They have many made-to-order options that are very tasty. This includes fresh halibut, served with gnocchi, mushrooms and peas. You can also buy grocery items to host your own cocktail hour on your home patio.

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Marination Ma Kai

If you’re looking for something a little different, Marination Ma Kai is a Seattle favorite. They offer three different locations with the most delicious Hawaiian-Korean fusion dishes. Kalua pork sliders, kalbi beef tacos, and kimchi fried rice are all amazing choices to order. Not to mention, the patio bar offers an array of tropical cocktails.

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Bar Harbor

If you’re looking for a little New England in your meal, try Bar Harbor. Located in South Lake Union, this corner patio offers a relaxed vibe. They have unique alcoholic slushies and local beer. Bar Harbor even claims to have one of the best lobster rolls in the area. They also make a yummy crab cake salad, along with other classic dishes. 

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Terra Plata

Spanish fare is another great option and nothing beats Terra Plata. If you’re in the mood for summer brunch, this Spanish tapas eatery is well worth your time. They have a lovely rooftop garden to enjoy – perfect for summer! Along with flavorful and strong mimosas, they offer homemade potato chips with truffle salt and pecorino crème fraîche that are a must-try.

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Matt’s In the Market

If eating at Pike’s Place Market is a must-do for you, this is the place to go for lunch. Matt’s In the Market is located on the second floor in one of the market buildings and overlooks the excitement of the market below. It’s a perfect stop for lunch, especially if you want the market views. The fried catfish sandwich and homemade potato chips are a delight.

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Market Grill

Market Grill is another restaurant at Pike’s Place that’s well-worth trying. Sit at their bar and order a blackened salmon sandwich. You won’t regret it.


There you have it. Whether you’re looking for great coffee, cocktails, or a seafood dinner this summer, there’s a place for you to have the perfect meal in Seattle. Cheers!