Craving Cheese? Stop at These Seattle Spots

A charcuterie plate with assorted cheeses, meats, and complements from Capitol Hill's Cure. Photo source.

When cheesy cravings hit, there is simply no other satisfactory substitute. Seattleites: look to these local dining rooms first to answer the dairy call.

Cafe Campagne | 1600 Post Alley | 206-728-2233

Get your fix in the morning, afternoon, or evening at Pike Place Market’s very own Southern French kitchen. First stop: the French Onion Soup, complete with an ultra-thick layer of cheese over the top of a comforting broth. Opt for a variety of cheesy omelettes, quiches, or sandwiches such as the Croque Monsieur, Croque Madame, or Croque Savoyard -- each with Parisian ham and Comtè cheese. If you’re looking to bite right into the finest cheeses, the Fromage Board offers up three different varieties served with house-made confiture.

Cure | 1641 Nagle Pl | 206-568-5475

Holy cheese -- Cure has wheels and wheels of it. Cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, goat cheese… Domestic cheese and varieties imported from Italy, France, Spain… you name it, Cure can serve it up paired with endless specialty meats, complements, on a sandwich, with soup or salad, solo, or with a handcrafted cocktail. Make this Capitol Hill haunt a go-to stop for all your charcuterie needs.

Lecosho | 89 University St | 206-623-2101

Whet your appetite at lunchtime, happy hour, dinner, or late night with a cheese board featuring a specialty curated combo of domestic and imported varieties with seasonal accompaniments. The perfect precursor to a porchetta sandwich or ½-pound Painted Hills burger.

Local 360 | 2234 1st Ave | 206-441-9360

Keeping with its local theme, this Belltown spot uses only the best cheeses made from dairy not treated with rBGH or other growth hormones. Savor it in a skillet full of shell mac and cheese or the house poutine with local Beecher’s cheese curds (plus smoked brisket gravy and pickled peppers).