Delicious Pork Dishes Around Seattle

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There are so many ways to enjoy pork, it could easily be a fixture at every meal -- bacon at breakfast, a pulled pork sandwich for lunch, and pork chops for dinner. But no matter when it’s prepared, the best way to chow down is by allowing the talented kitchen staff at these favorite Seattle locations to work their magic on this savory meat. The results are perfectly tender or crisp and worth a visit.

Shingletown Pub and Eatery | 2016 NW Market St | 206-782-5182

This Pacific Northwestern-focused Ballard pub serves several pork renditions. Start your meal with fried brussels sprouts tossed in a delicate balsamic vinaigrette… and don’t forget to add crispy pork belly to bring a salty kick to this savory app. Follow with house-made pork belly cheese fries or the “PBLT” sliders -- braised and smoked pork belly, spring greens, yellow tomato, and garlic aioli. The grand finale of your personal pork trifecta? The Smoked Pork Belly Caprese sandwich, which features tender braised pork belly, shaved romaine, beefsteak tomato, and garlic aioli in the middle of a brioche bun.

Bastille Cafe & Bar | 5307 Ballard Ave NW | 206-453-5014

Do brunch right with Bastille’s ultra-savory eggs benedict. House smoked pork shoulder is topped with caramelized onions and served with a side of harissa-roasted Yukon potatoes. Come dinnertime, opt for crispy pork belly with spiced prune jam or the Assiette de Charcuterie (Country pâte, tête de cochon, smoked pork rillette, and baguette).

Nell's | 6804 E Green Lake Way N | 206-524-4044

Much of Nell’s beauty lies in the kitchen’s outstanding adaptability and its constantly evolving menu (which usually changes nightly). Though you can expect -- and should embrace -- the unexpected, there are usually a few reliable contenders listed, including pork in all its grilled, braised, or smoked glory.

Toulouse Petit | 601 Queen Anne Ave N | 206-432-9069

Lower Queen Anne’s Cajun-Creole destination boasts an extensive menu jam-packed with classic regional favorites and welcome twists. Pork-centric entrees include the Grilled Carlton Farms Pork “Porterhouse” (served with Brussels sprouts, cipollini onions, guajillo chili-molasses marinade) or housemade Ricotta Gnocchi with fennel-braised pork shoulder sugo and fried sage, toasted garlic, fennel seed, serrano peppers, and fresh sofrito.