Dining Bucket List: Breakfast at Birdies Cafe


It was a Saturday morning, and much like other Saturday morning, my mom and I were craving breakfast out on the town. We certainly have our favorite haunts we like to go to for these purposes, but on this particular morning, we were hankering for new scenery, new flavors and a new experience: enter Birdies Café.

When we arrived at Birdies, I was instantly intrigued by the myriad of quirky vintage plates displayed both on the wall of the entryway and lining many walls inside the restaurant. After a few moments, we were seated in a cozy booth by the window, and we wasted no time in perusing the menu and making the critical decisions as important as what to eat for a Saturday morning breakfast. Finally, we were able to conclude on two dishes to split: the New Mexico Benny and the Buttermilk Johnny Cakes. Before we knew it, the real-life versions we had so excitedly anticipated were placed before us.

The New Mexico Benny (which includes two perfectly poached eggs, sautéed spinach, fried chicken, Hatch chilies and a generous serving of house made hollandaise on top) was a wonderful combination of flavors and textures, with crispy fried chicken, creamy hollandaise and egg yolks, and irresistible spice of Hatch chilies. Being a native New Mexico myself, I have a special place in my heart for Hatch chilies, so I was in complete rapture with this spin on a classic Eggs Benedict. Additionally, the Buttermilk Johnny Cakes, made with cornmeal and served with fresh fruit, were fluffy and light, while still remaining texturally balanced and just plain delicious.

Was it hard to get out of my seat afterwards? Yes, but to be frank, my favorite meals are usually those that induce serious food comas. With our bellies full and our taste buds grinning, we left Birdies with fond memories and another spot to frequent on those Saturday mornings when only a breakfast date will do.


Birdies Café  

1444 Northwest College Way

Bend, OR 97708

Photo credit: Madeline Churm