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Gluten free delight plus patio
  • Jason reviewed 9 years ago

North Light is awesome! Beautiful outside seating. Good service and wine list. Food is perfect for someone looking for gluten free and vegetarian options. 

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Great Local Pub
  • David reviewed 9 years ago

I have lived near Belltown Pub for years but did not try it until a week ago. My cousin was in town from England and being English he wanted a pint, I had always heard they had a great beer selection so we decided to over. I was very impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the selection of the beers. We did not have any food but everything looked great as it passed by us on the way to another table.

It all looked so great that a co worker and I went the following week. This time a had a few pints but also some apps. The chicken and waffles was Awesome!!! You can tell everything is made in house which is not the norm for bar food. I would definitely suggest it if you have not been. Great American Pub.

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The food! The service! The view!
  • Stephanie reviewed 9 years ago

Well the title says it all! Amazing food, amazing service, and oh that view! Tucked away in Pike Place Market, Place Pigalle is a very special place! I highly recommend the Dungeness crab appetizer and Pot de Creme dessert for first timers.  I’m a regular here – TRUST ME!

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