Eastside’s Modern French Bakery – Bellevue, Washington

Looking for to take a metal break from the world? Than look no further than La Parisienne French Bakery.  Owner Julien Hervet vision of a flagship store building upon the original model located in Belltown comes to life in Downtown Bellevue led by Chef Orphée who serves up fresh French inspired baked good, pastries, desserts using local and French ingredients. If you’re in the mood for something else La Parisienne does offer much more in the forms of sandwiches, teas, coffees and wine. Pro Tip: To ensure freshness and prevent waste they do make a limited amount of each item so make sure to get there early to pick up the more popular items.

No matter the time of day La Parisienne does offers a wide select of French wines. (Over 100 bottles to choose from) You can build your own flights or have the knowledgeable staff guide you. The menu is organized by region giving people a better idea of where the wine is from. The goal is to share the stories and passion behind the winemakers and not just recite facts.

Paired with the great wine is a selection of bites from bread, cheese, meats, and seafood that will complete your experience and definitely help you unwind from a long day. I recommend ordering the Charcuterie plate.

With a relaxed atmosphere La Parisienne is the perfect place to stop by after work with friends or to get some coffee and a croissant on a Saturday morning. (Something I find myself doing regularly)

In the next few weeks Julien and his team will host wine tasting classes for beginners and for more advanced drinkers and Chef Orphée will be happy to create a one of a kind cake for your next event. Contact Julien Hervet - jh@cepae.com for details.

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