Where To Eat Biscuits in Seattle

An oven ‘fried’ chicken biscuit sandwich at Honest Biscuits. Photo source.

An oven ‘fried’ chicken biscuit sandwich at Honest Biscuits. Photo source.

There’s no mistaking the hot, buttery goodness of a homemade biscuit! While Seattle isn’t the origin of this warm brunch favorite, we certainly have a knack for producing Southern-style biscuits with our own flair. Here’s where to eat biscuits in Seattle for breakfast or brunch...


Biscuit Bitch | Multiple Locations

Skip the Seattle Freeze and enjoy southern hospitality and fare at Biscuit Bitch, where biscuits are clearly the theme. There are seven different takes on the brunch classic of Biscuits and Gravy, plus four yummy biscuit sandwiches. If your diet calls for it, Biscuit Bitch can substitute with gluten-free biscuits (although the quantity is limited each day). Enjoy these homemade biscuits in “trailer park to table” fashion for a straightforward and delicious brunch.


Honest Biscuits | 1433 1st Avenue | 206-682-7179

Transparency is important at Honest Biscuits, and you’ll enjoy every bite of their biscuits, biscuit sandwiches, and biscuits and gravy options. These “honest-to-goodness, kick-ass biscuits” are sold-to-order and paired with tasty Northwest ingredients such as Bavarian Meats Bacon, Beecher’s Flagship Cheese, Pike Brewing Stout mustard, Tillamook Cheese, Uli’s Chicken and Apple Sausage and more.


Restaurant Roux | 4201 Fremont Avenue N | 206-547-5420

When brunching in Fremont, you have to make a stop at Roux for their signature Biscuits & Gravy or Ham Benedict. Both are served with their delicious housemade biscuits in French-Creole fashion. Roux often does a specialty biscuitwich (biscuit sandwich), which is typically a must-try!


Serious Pie & Biscuit | 401 Westlake Avenue N | 206-436-0050

Tom Douglas’ Serious Pie & Biscuit had to make this list - their biscuits are simply amazing! Brunch is served daily with more than a dozen variations served on homemade buttermilk biscuits. You can also build your own biscuit breakfast or add items to meet your level of hunger (or taste!).


The Wandering Goose | 403 15th Avenue E | 206-323-9938

Classic southern fare is available for all at The Wandering Goose. With its fresh, casual approach to delicious southern comfort food, The Wandering Goose is a great spot to indulge with friends and/or family. Not surprisingly, their homemade buttermilk biscuits come with several menu items, from the Biscuit & Gravy to the biscuit sandwiches - it’s also served with collard greens and coleslaw on the Fried Chicken Plate, an all-time house favorite.