Where To Eat Burgers in PDX


There’s no experience on earth like picking up a juicy burger with both hands and preparing to dig in, trying to keep all the layers from spilling out. But who are we kidding, the higher and messier, the better!

With Portland’s love of farm-to-table cuisine and ready access to high-quality ingredients, the Portland burger game is top notch. Here are some Where To Eat Guide selections to try.

Le Pigeon 

The famed Le Pigeon burger was such a legend when it was originally introduced in 2006 that Chef Gabriel Rucker would only sell five a night. Now diners can have unlimited access to the extraordinary yet deceptively simple burger – a grilled square ciabatta bun from Ken’s Artisan Bakery, a grilled meat patty (also square) from a local farm seasoned only with salt, Tillamook extra sharp white cheddar, aioli-dressed iceberg lettuce slaw, Dijon mustard and pickled onions. That’s it! Oh, and house made ketchup. 

The Good Earth Café

The Good Earth Café’s menu offers ten different burgers! Choose from a Black Angus, Chicken or Veggie Patty. Try the Blackened Burger with Apricot Sauce or the Patty Melt stuffed with caramelized sweet onions and finished with Swiss cheese on grilled rye bread. Finish your meal with Good Earth Café’s housemade baked goods!

1136 SW 3rd Ave (new location)

 Jake’s Grill

The Steakhouse Burger from Jake’s Grill is made from American Kobe Beef and comes with Tillamook cheddar, crispy onions, arugula and steak sauce, accompanied by a heap of crisp fries. Enjoy it in the elegant building that was the historic Governor Hotel (now Sentinel), sipping something fine from the whiskey and bourbon list. One more thing...word has travelled far and wide about Jake’s Cheeseburger from the Happy Hour menu. It comes with cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, red onions, garlic aioli and French fries, all for just $3.95. You can’t beat that, can you?

611 SW 10th Ave


The Theo's Burger. Photo: Stephanie Forrer


Theo’s in Old Town Chinatown is a Portland mainstay for delicious, freshly prepared breakfasts, Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches, Hot Dogs and Burgers. You’ll love these picks: the Joe Burger, the Mushroom Cajun Burger, the Wild Alaskan Salmon Burger and the Chicken Burger with Avocado, thick-sliced Bacon and Pepper Jack.

Feeling daring? Try the Mouth of Fire! Extra hungry? You can have Theo’s Burger with one or two patties, Canadian bacon, egg, Tillamook cheddar, mushrooms and maple onion marmalade. Really...even more hungry?! Take on the Heart Stopper with three patties, three thick slices of bacon and Tillamook cheddar, topped with a fried egg. Get you and your friends a Bucket of Hand Cut Fries with housemade Dipping Sauce. Choose from classic Joe, Cilantro Mayo, Ranch, Rosemary Ketchup, Firecracker, Dunkadelic and Honey Mustard Basil.

Ask about box lunches and delivery through Portland Pedal Power and Delivered Dish. Out having Friday or Saturday night fun? Theo’s is open until 4:00 am!

121 NW 5th Ave

Red Star Tavern

Red Star’s Tavern Burger comes with smoky tomato conserva, jack cheese, green chile aioli, iceberg lettuce and red onion. Enjoy it with a fine bourbon, beer or craft cocktail.

503 SW Alder St


The Burger at Swank and Swine. Photo: Swank and Swine.

Swank and Swine

The Swank Restaurant portion of Swank and Swine features a farm-to-table burger made with house grind, truffle aioli, cave aged gruyere, bacon and arugula on a pretzel bun.  

808 SW Taylor St