Where To Eat Cioppino in Seattle

The kitchen at Il Bistro serves up hearty Cioppino (plus a vast selection of wine for pairing). Photo source.

The kitchen at Il Bistro serves up hearty Cioppino (plus a vast selection of wine for pairing). Photo source.

Though this Italian-inspired seafood stew is strongly tied to its San Franciscan origins, many Seattle restaurants are borrowing from tradition and doing it up with a dash of unique regional flair -- including loads of Pacific Northwestern catches. Warm your wintry soul with a piping-hot, heaping bowlful of Cioppino from these local kitchens (side note: though there is some debate surrounding the true pronunciation, for reference when ordering, “cho-pea-no” should do the trick).

Doc's Marina Grill | Multiple locations

Hop a ferry from Seattle to one of Doc’s locations, either on Bainbridge Island or in Port Townsend, and order the massively hearty Northwest Cioppino as your lunch or dinner entree. This rendition features an impressive bounty of Northwest salmon, rockfish, manila clams, Penn Cove mussels, calamari, and prawns, all in a red tomato and fennel broth and served with garlic focaccia for dipping.

Il Bistro | 93A Pike St | 206-682-3049

Il Bistro’s close proximity to the Pike Place Fish Market is the best thing that could happen to its Cioppino recipe (whose bell pepper and roma tomato broth is packed with market-fresh fish). Seafood and shellfish lovers will rejoice at the addition of Dungeness crab, white prawns, mussels, clams, and calamari.

Lecosho | 89 University St | 206-623-2101

Tucked along the harbor steps downtown, Lecosho’s focus on European-inspired dishes that appeal to the Pacific Northwestern palate translates to a fish stew that also includes bits of bacon. Prawns, shellfish, capers, shallots, fingerling potatoes, and a whole grain mustard and white wine broth also light up this super-savory Cioppino interpretation.

Maximilien | 81A Pike St | 206-682-7270

In line with its full menu of classical French cuisine, this Pike Place Market dining room offers the French equivalent of Cioppino: Bouillabaisse. Traditionally hailing from Southern France’s Provence region, this fish stew incorporates rockfish, prawns, and mussels. Plus, you get a nearly unprecedented view of the Seattle waterfront, Elliott Bay, and the Olympics on the horizon as you enjoy your own bowl.

Peso's Kitchen & Lounge | 605 Queen Anne Ave N | 206-283-9353

Peso’s in Lower Queen Anne is an A+ choice for a daytime Cioppino fix. This tomato-basil take is inspired by the coastal Mexican city of Veracruz, which means it features Gulf prawns, plus sea scallops and pacific fish.