Eat Local, Buy Local: Seattle-Sourced Bites

Hyper-local may be trending in the food and beverage world, but this hot topic is so much more than all-the-rage. Beyond full-bodied flavor and peak freshness, locavore eats have gained traction for their sustainability factor. When we cut down on shipping and transportation distance and time, our food simply tastes better… plus, we reduce emissions and support our local economy! Eat and buy local with these bites -- all sourced from the Seattle area.

Carpinito Brothers | 1148 Central Ave N | 253-854-5692

If you’re a longtime local, chances are you’ve bitten into Carpinito-grown produce, whether you knowingly or unknowingly picked it up from a neighborhood bodega or have paid a visit to the produce stand. The Kent Valley farm location is a one-stop shop for seasonal fruits, veggies, herbs, and more, a home gardener’s wonderland, and a holiday hotspot during pumpkin patch, corn maze, and Christmas tree season. Make the short drive for an autumn or early winter family outing, or look for Carpinito goodies in the local produce section on your next grocery trip!

Frank's Quality Produce | 1508 Pike Place | 206-624-5666

The “quality” tag graces this produce stand’s moniker for good reason. Pick through their local fruit and veggie selection at Pike Place Market and you might find yourself shopping next to favorite Seattle chefs from hotspots including Delicatus, Il Bistro, and Place Pigalle.

Manini's | See map for availability | 206-686-4600

Manini’s cranks out 100% fresh gluten-free pastas, buns, and rolls just south of Seattle and north of Tacoma. Because the pasta is fresh rather than dried and is made with naturally gluten-free ancient grains instead of rice, Manini’s boasts a hearty texture that is nearly indistinguishable from that of traditional pastas and will hold up to home cooking. The well-rounded pasta line includes three varieties of ravioli, two varieties of fettuccini, two linguini flavors, macaroni, rigatoni, spaghetti, and lasagna. An entire universe of gluten-free cooking and dining opens up with the addition of hamburger and sandwich buns, dinner rolls, and three types of specialty and multi-purpose flours for versatile baking. You can buy Manini’s for your next family meal at a variety of Seattle area locations, or look for it on the menu at select favorite gluten-free-friendly spots.

Petra Mediterranean Bistro | 2501 4th Ave | 206-728-5389

As if hot and savory shawarma, shish kabobs, and more lunch and dinner plates didn’t offer enough of a reason to stop in for a meal at Petra, the bistro’s authentic Mediterranean spice blends are available for purchase after your visit or online. Petra is all about serving up a well-rounded dining experience, complete with authentic in-house eats plus tools to enjoy Mediterranean favorites at home. Stock up on custom-blended spices made to suit lamb, beef, and chicken dishes or seafood and veggies, and start your homemade meal on the right foot with lentil soup and rice mixes.

Taylor Shellfish | Contact info and locations vary | See location page

The Taylor family has been sustainably farming Pacific Northwestern oysters and other shellfish varieties for more than a century. As you might expect based on such longevity, the business continues to hold massive (and well-deserved) influence over the local bivalve scene. Taylor Shellfish Farms oysters are a regular fixture on many Seattle area eateries’ seafood menus, and you can slurp perfectly shucked platefuls at any of several branded oyster bar locations in Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Pioneer Square, and a soon-to-be Bellevue spot. For a seaside shellfish experience, pick up some fresh geoduck, mussels, clams, or unique oyster varieties at the Taylor Shellfish Farms headquarters (northwest of Olympia in south Puget Sound) or the second farm location along Samish Bay’s scenic Chuckanut Drive just south of Bellingham. Craving oysters stat but no time to make the trip? Order online for fresh home delivery!