Where To Eat Pulled Pork Sandwiches in Seattle & Beyond

Pulled Pork Sandwich at Ballard Loft. Photo source.

Pulled Pork Sandwich at Ballard Loft. Photo source.

“Finger-lickin’ good” takes on a whole new meaning where authentic barbecue is concerned, and one of the most classic BBQ dishes is a pulled pork sandwich. Traditionally crafted with fresh coleslaw and savory chunks of barbecued pork slathered in house-made sauce on a toasty bun, this ‘sammitch’ is one for the record books.

Read on for some hot spots for pulled pork sandwiches in Seattle neighborhoods (and a little bit beyond)...

Two Shoe BBQ | 4105 Leary Way NW | 206-693-3962

Drunky’s Two Shoe BBQ, where the meats are seasoned with custom dry rubs and slow smoked for as much as 16 hours! With everything from Pork Ribs and Beef Brisket on the menu, plus all of the classic sides, this is a go-to BBQ joint in Fre-lard (between Ballard and Fremont along Leary Way). Two Shoe’s Pulled Pork Sandwich is served ‘Southern Style’, with coleslaw on the bun and your choice of side, from BBQ baked beans or cornbread muffins, to potato salad and even more ‘slaw.


Ballard Loft | 5105 Ballard Ave NW | 206-420-2737

The Loft has long been known as one of the best spots to watch the game (whether the sport is football, soccer, or something else), but it’s also a prime spot to enjoy a tasty pulled pork sando. When offered alongside their classic Big Ballard Burger and Loft French Dip, Ballard Loft’s Pulled Pork Sandwich is an assured win. Savor the tender slow-roasted pork, served on a toasted bun with housemade coleslaw, tangy barbecue sauce and a rich garlic aioli. Have some tots on the side to soak up any leftovers once the sandwich is gone!


Von's Gustobistro | 1225 1st Ave | 206-621-8667

Hamburgs and 1000+ spirits aren’t the only attractions at Von’s Gustobistro (affectionately known as Von’s). The restaurant and bar has been serving up some pretty amazing stuff for quite some time, from sourdough pasta and wood fired pizza to alchemic cocktails from behind the bar. But one of Von’s newest arrivals is quickly stealing the show, and one look at the photo above will probably tell you why. Although it’s not pork, the Chicken Adobo is a winner with sweet and sour braised pulled chicken, spicy tamarindo slaw, pickled red onions, and sambal aioli on a made-from-scratch sourdough bun. You won’t regret it.


Julia's | Broadway: 300 Broadway E, 206-860-1818 | Wallingford: 4401 Wallingford Ave N., 206-633-1175

Enjoy pulled pork… in MINI form! You’ll find all kinds of New American diner classics at both of Julia’s locations on Broadway in Capitol Hill and on Wallingford Avenue. From the Starter menu, Julia’s offers some delicious BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders - perfect for a taste without going all-out on a full sandwich. The restaurant spices up their rendition of this classic BBQ dish with a zesty chipotle ranch slaw.


Doc's Marina Grill | 403 Madison Ave S | 206-842-8339

Summer is all about barbecues and getaways, and Doc’s Marina Grill beckons with both. Hop on a ferry to Bainbridge Island for a day trip, and grab a yummy Pulled Pork Sandwich while you’re there! Whether for lunch or dinner, Doc’s classic BBQ Pork Sandwich is a must. In contrast to their seafood dishes (as tasty as they are), this sandwich hits the spot with a unique combination of flavors. House-smoked pork is sliced and layered on a sesame bun with crispy coleslaw and tangy BBQ sauce, and a housemade smoked habanero blue cheese sauce on the side for dipping.