Where To Eat Steak Frites in Seattle

Beautiful Steak Frites at Bastille Cafe & Bar in Ballard. Photo source.

Beautiful Steak Frites at Bastille Cafe & Bar in Ballard. Photo source.

A thick, juicy steak with crispy, salty fries on the side - Steak Frites is a classic French dish that many enjoy for a bit of a splurge. Different restaurants around the city do their Steak Frites with different seasonings and sauces, but the heart of the dish is consistent and oh-so-good at these spots...


Bastille Cafe & Bar | 5307 Ballard Avenue NW | 206-453-5014

As an authentic French eatery, it’s no surprise that Bastille excels with their Steak Frites! It’s drizzled with a delicious bordelaise, which is a classic French sauce for a classic French dish such as Steak Frites. It also has a dollop of sauce vert, and is served with pommes frites (the fancy French term for potato fries).


Cafe Campagne | 1600 Post Alley | 206-728-2233

With a bit more of a casual approach to French cuisine, Cafe Campagne’s Steak Frites is a tasty, flavorful dish with a rich Roquefort butter sauce (substitute for a green peppercorn demi-glace). Choose from pan-roasted hanger steak or petite New York strip.


Re:public | 429 Westlake Avenue N | 206-467-5300

Re:public does Steak Frites for lunch, with skirt steak from RR Ranch in a Poivre sauce with their renowned handcut fries on the side. It’s a hearty, amazing meal that’s sure to induce a glorious food coma.


Shelter Lounge | 7110 E Green Lake Drive N | 206-420-7452

Sink your fork and knife into some really good Steak Frites at Shelter Lounge in Green Lake. Their version of this classic French dish is with a 10-ounce pan-seared New York strip steak seasoned with chimichurri and pico de gallo and served with house fries.


Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge | 601 Queen Anne Ave N | 206-432-9069

Focused on cajun creole dishes and cuisine from the Big Easy, Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge has a really yummy version of Steak Frites. It’s a 9-ounce USDA prime rib eye steak smothered with a delicious veal-shallot pan sauce with crispy fries on the side.