Fresh and Delicious Gluten-Free Salads in Seattle

The classic Cobb Salad at Harried & Hungry Cafe, with roast chicken thigh meat, house bacon, avocado slices, tomato, and a soft egg in crumbled bleu cheese dressing atop crisp romaine lettuce. Photo credit: Marketeering Group.

No matter what the weather, a fresh salad is a delicious meal for lunch or dinner! They can be packed with toppings to fill you up, or act as a light precursor to a heartier entree. And best of all, it’s a dish that’s usually gluten free (or can easily be made so). Here are some spots around Seattle where some delicious gluten-free salads can be found.


Delicatus | 103 1st Avenue S | 206-623-3780

From classic “Traditionalists” like a Club or Reuben, to “Progressives” like the Mudd Honey or the Californian and “Extremists” like the Royal Bro-Ham and the Rebel, Delicatus has some truly remarkable sandwiches. And with a mind for the gluten-free foodies out there, they offer any one of their delicious sammies as a salad instead! They also have six tasty salads that are also gluten-free, if you prefer some classic greens like a Spinach or traditional Caesar salad.


Harried & Hungry | 1415 3rd Avenue |206-264-7900

Whether for lunch box delivery or a stop in at their cafe for dining in or taking out, Harried & Hungry has it made when it comes to classic salads for the gluten-free. Their Mediterranean (falafel, olives, feta, cucumber, and tomato with a tahini vinaigrette on mixed greens) and Washington Waldorf (apple, celery, bleu cheese, and toasted walnuts in a creamy red wine vinaigrette on mixed greens) are particularly notable for the gluten-free!


Photo credit: Marketeering Group

Petra Mediterranean Bistro | 2501 4th Avenue | 206-728-5389

While gluten-free diners can enjoy most of the Mediterranean dishes at Petra Bistro (they’re served with rice), this Belltown restaurant’s salad selection is definitely gluten-free friendly. There are classics like the Greek Salad, but Petra Bistro’s Fatouche Salad, Petra Gyro Salad, Chicken Salad and Tabouli are all really good as well.



The Lodge Sports Grille | 1102 4th Avenue | 206-557-7360

Skip the carb-crazy dishes on game day! The Lodge Sports Grille offers six really yummy salads, from classics like the Wedge and Caesar, as well as flavorful specialties like their Caprese and Brussel Sprout salads.


Photo credit: Marketeering Group

Tin Lizzie Lounge | 600 Queen Anne Ave N | 206-282-7407

With it’s speakeasy atmosphere and cocktail-centric beverage menu, snacks are the stuff at Tin Lizzie Lounge. That being said, their paninis and salads are fantastic! Try the favored House Salad or Caesar (anchovies included!), or stick your fork into something unique with their Rainbow Carrot salad: shaved rainbow carrots, sugar snap peas, and beet carpaccio in a sweet pepper vinaigrette.