Where to Get a Standout BLT in Seattle

A thick and delicious BLTA (BLT with avocado) at The Lodge Sports Grille in Kirkland. Photo source.

Taste varies when naming the all-out most popular sandwich, but many would agree that a BLT is a classic favorite! Crispy hot bacon, crunchy fresh lettuce and juicy thick tomatoes are the tasty toppings for this sando, but some places love to add more such as avocado, cheese, sprouts, or red onion. When complimented by condiments such as mayo or a flavorful specialty aioli, you can’t go wrong with a BLT. Check out some of the spots around Seattle that do a standout BLT sandwich...

Ballard Loft | 5105 Ballard Avenue NW | 206-420-2737

The BLT goes beyond basic at Ballard Loft, the top sports bar in Ballard. This restaurant stacks the bacon, lettuce and tomato on hot toasted sourdough bread that’s perfectly slathered with rich pesto aioli.

Blue Moon Burgers | Multiple Locations

Super fresh is the rule at Blue Moon Burgers, and their BLT sandwich doesn’t disappoint. Texas toast is spread with mayonnaise and then topped with thick and crisp cherry wood smoked bacon, plus fresh lettuce and tomato.

Pike Brewing Company | 1415 1st Avenue | 206-622-6044

The ultimate BLT… with salmon! Pike Brewing Company’s Wild Alaska Salmon SLT includes grilled salmon that’s been marinated in brown sugar, rosemary and paprika. The sandwich stuffings of roasted tomatoes, thick cut bacon, lettuce and red onion are between the two sides of a toasted bun from Macrina Bakery, spread with Chef Gary’s famous smoked pepper mayo.

Shingletown Saloon | 2016 NW Market Street | 206-782-5182

If you need something more for a heartier BLT, Shingletown Saloon is the place to go. This Ballard eatery adds chargrilled chicken breast to your BLT, plus rich bleu cheese and red onion with a garlic aioli spread.  

The Lodge Sports Grille | Multiple Locations

Sink your teeth into a classic BLT with an extension of A (avocado). This sandwich is topped with grilled applewood bacon and the other normal fixings on toasted whole wheat. Enjoy it with fries or house potato chips.