Get Your St. Patrick’s Day On Seattle!

I love Saint Patrick’s Day, but I get tired of the same ol’ meat and potatoes that usually come with it! Luckily for me Seattle is fantastic food destination and the options are practically limitless.  Need some help making up your mind? Let us be your guide!

Pike Brewing, located in Pike Place Market, is a personal favorite and perennial standby. This family-friendly brewery offers bustling energy and an upbeat atmosphere - you’ll feel like you’ve hit the town, but not so much that you have to scream over everyone around you to enjoy casual conversation.

Why should you forego all of the Irish bars in Seattle to come to Pike Brewing for Saint Patrick’s Day? The answer is their Irish Stew. Imagine lamb slowly cooked with fresh vegetables simmering in a broth of their XXXXX Stout. This stout alone is worth the trip, with a head that would make any beer fan weep and a smooth taste with hints of chocolate.  Combine that with lamb slow cooked for hours, and you have one of the best stews this side of Galway. If you’re still craving the standard Corned Beef and Cabbage, Pike Brewing doesn’t disappoint; they’ll make it for you in house. Make sure you order it with their XXXXX Stout mustard! I like to pair it with a Kilt Lifer (admittedly, this is Scottish, not Irish) which holds up well to the spice and heft of the corned beef. Lastly, if you need another reason to come to Pike Brewing for Saint Patrick’s Day, they throw a great party! The regionally recognized and globally competitive Elliott Bay Pipe and Drum Band will be back again this year to help you dance and get into the spirit.

If the excitement of a 22-piece band doesn’t resonate with you, other low-key options are still available. For a great night in an intimate space, check out Radiator Whiskey. The restaurant is intimate, with a helpful staff and an even amazing selection of Irish whiskey (12 different varieties). I suggest the Redbreast 12 or the Kilbeggan, or if you’re particularly adventurous, the Tyrconnell. These whiskeys, while less recognizable than brands such as Jameson and Bushmill’s, are much more mellow and pair perfectly with the smoked pig’s head (order in advance!)

If you desire an authentic and fresh experience while preferring to avoid the crowds altogether by grabbing brunch, check out Local 360! This provincial gem focuses on hyper local foods and sustainability, with a goal of 90% of all raw ingredients being sourced within a 360 mile radius from Seattle. I suggest the corned beef hash with poached eggs, which resembles a delicious mountain of hash topped with soft eggs and a pillowy biscuit. If you’re in the mood for a mid-morning eye opener, Local 360 also has a great selection of cocktails.

May your St. Patrick’s Day be filled with good food and booze! Slainte!


Written by: Raina Anderson

Photo credit: Pike Brewing Company, Radiator Whiskey