Gluten-Free Foodies: Try Seattle’s Best Ceviche

Ceviche - the refreshing and flavorful appetizer made with various seafood, spices and veggies, is a delicious gluten-free dish. I see it as basically being a seafood-stuffed salsa of sorts. You can find fresh takes on ceviche at a variety of seafood-focused eateries around the city, but here are a few notables...


Art Marble 21 | 731 Westlake Ave N | 206-223-0300

In addition to fun games, delicious bevvies, and a full menu of yummy salads, sliders, and more, Art Marble 21 has a bunch of tasty tapas including Ceviche La Pez. It’s crafted with fresh shrimp, oranges, limes, saffron and lime juice to make every gluten-free bite amazingly refreshing and colorful.


La Isla | 2320 NW Market Street | 206-789-0516

The ceviche at La Isla changes daily, based on whatever’s fresh. The base is the fresh raw fish of the day, mixed with cilantro and olive oil with veggies that have been marinated in lime juice: diced onions, bell peppers, jalapeño and habañero peppers. Served with Puerto Rican tostones for scooping up and enjoying.


Los Agaves | 1514 Pike Place Market Ave | 206-504-0202

Supplement your Mexican street food meal with tasty ceviche from Los Agaves. This dish is made from seasonal fresh fish that’s infused with citrus juices and served on fresh lettuce with cocktail sauce and corn tortilla chips.  


Poquitos | 1000 E Pike Street | 206-453-4216

Specializing in delicious Mexican food with fresh Pacific Northwest ingredients, Poquitos are on-point with their ceviche! It’s made with citrus-cured seasonal fish, cabbage, onion, tomato, cilantro, jalapeño, chile and lime juice, and served with house-made tostadas. On the seasonal side, try Poquitos’ Escolar Ceviche, which has Hawaiian Escolar, Honeycrisp apples, lemon, serrano and mint.


Red Cedar & Sage | 1501 Pike Place #200 | 206-538-0377

Enjoy fish fresh from the Market at Red Cedar & Sage, where their ceviche offers a selection of fresh fish with classic ceviche ingredients. There’s Halibut and prawns with lime juice, jalapeños, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, avocado, and cilantro, plus crostini for dipping.


Shingletown | 2016 NW Market Street | 206-782-5182

There’s a reason Ceviche is one of Shingletown’s featured appetizers… It’s sooooo good! Colossal white tiger prawns are poached in butter with garlic and lime juice, and then they get smoked and marinated in mezcal for ultimate flavor. They’re served dunked in a cup of marinated red onions, cilantro, cucumber and jalapeño.