Hot Asian Restaurants – Bellevue, Washington

Asian food comes in many forms in Bellevue from the well-known and well-established Din Tai Fung and Barons that are in the heart of downtown to Swish Swish and Sushi Land that are off the beaten path. From sushi to duck to dim sum the eastside has you covered. Here are some of my personal favorites.

 Swish Swish

Tucked away next to the Seattle Lighting store on NE 20thSt. this hotpot restaurant serves up a wide variety of items such as beef, pork, vegetables and tofu all ready to be cooked in one of their 11 different kinds of broths. One of my favorite combinations to order is Miso broth with Kurobuta Pork Belly and some Japanese Ramen Noodles.



Grab a seat at the sushi bar and watch the masters at work while having some fantastic food. The newest sushi place in Bellevue offers a great selection of fresh sashimi, rolls and drinks and can cater to everyone from tastes the causal sushi eater to the more seasoned veterans.



If you’re looking for a fun place to have a dinner at with a group of friends than Gyu-Kaku has you covered. This popular Japanese BBQ spot offers everything you will need for some tableside grilling. It’s also the only place I can think of that lets you make smores for dessert. I recommend trying the Yaki-Shabu Beef and Toro Beef.



One of the anchor restaurants of Main St. offering traditional Vietnamese cuisine with Pacific Northwest ingredients. With a friendly staff and neighborhood feel to it, Monsoon with worth stopping by to check out. A couple of my favorite dishes are the Claypot Catfish, the spare ribs and the Manila Clams.

Peony Modern Kitchen

With several private dining rooms, lots of seating and a good size bar Peony has room for everyone. Taking a fresh interpretation of Chinese cuisine, this place will have you leaving happy and full. The crispy duck is delicious and is meant to share with others, but after that first bite I doubt you would want too.


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  1. I can't tell when this was written but it's a nice list that features some local restaurants but not just overrated places like Din Tai Fung, kudos for having Swish Swish hot pot! You might also want to mention their fried chicken dishes (Japanese and Taiwanese variants). They're both very well done, they rival Facing East. A little off-topic, but you should write an article about Bubble Tea in Bellevue--it's super hot these days. You might want to share some insight of the difference between large chains like Happy Lemon and quality shops like Over the Rainbow Tea Bar that makes fresh stuff. Eastside, especially non-Asians should start to appreciate local shops and the thoughtfulness the owners put in that you don't get from the franchises.

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