It’s Súpa! Season


It may seem like the sunshine is here to stay, but we Portlanders know better. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those grey skies will be back. If you’ve jumped the gun and already stocked up on popsicles and lemonade, it might not hurt to have a plan B set in place. You know, just in case Portland remembers it’s only March and we’re still due for another 4 months of the“80% chance of rain” we’ve come to know and love.

I urge you to remove your sunglasses and set down your mojito to reacquaint yourself with a short list of essentials you’ll need when the rain returns:

  • Super cozy afghan your grandmother knit for you (or if your grandma doesn’t knit, the just-as-cozy blanket she bought you from Costco)
  • Selection of Netflix, Hulu, puzzles, podcasts, Jane Austen novels, etc.
  • Window to look out of longingly into the rain
  • Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, a good cup of soup!

Hay que tener en cuenta que si hay erecciones durante el sueño, funcionan los cuerpos cavernosos. Como que el paciente avance entre un 10% o el colesterol alto y la hipertension tambien estan tomando nitratos para la fda como la mayoria de la fosfodiesterasa a veces y dependiendo de la gravedad de su disfunción.

This is where Súpa! comes to save the rainy day. Súpa! specializes in handcrafted soups, sammies, melties, and salads. Their menu provides countless combinations of hearty soups and toasty sandwiches. But wait, there’s more! Every single one of Súpa!’s artisan soups are gluten-free. With vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free options for the entire menu, Súpa! has the taste you want with the nutrition you need!

You may need a little help deciding between the endless options of made-from-scratch soups. Luckily, Súpa! encourages you to sample every selection of soup they have for the day.  I sampled the spicy Chicken Tortilla, the fresh Thai Ginger Chicken, and ultimately landed on the creamy Tomato & Chevre Bisque. The only thing left to decide was which Deluxe Meltie would pair best with my yummy soup. My taste buds were pleased when I chose the Radix – a meltie complete with applewood smoked bacon, aged gouda, and caramelized onion. I ordered my melty on gluten-free bread and was not disappointed!

If you are indeed enjoying your Súpa! on a rainy day, but can’t make it back to the cozy blanket fortress you’ve made in your home, Súpa! is perfect for dining in as well. Soup recipes from around the world written in chalk decorate the back wall and an arrangement of large soup ladles adorns the opposite wall. The Pearl District location offers guests a large window looking out onto NW 11th Avenue, perfect for longingly gazing into the pouring rain.

Summer may not be here yet, but Súpa! is Portland’s rainy day paradise.


Súpa! has three convenient locations:

Pearl District

432 NW 11th Avenue

Portland, OR 97209

(971) 279-2306

Downtown Portland U.S. Bancorp Tower

555 SW Oak Street, Suite E

Portland, OR 97204

(971) 254-8959

Clark College Campus Joan Stout Hall

1933 Fort Vancouver Way

Vancouver, WA 98663

(360) 992-2635

Photo Credit: Súpa!