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It’s Súpa! Season

  It may seem like the sunshine is here to stay, but we Portlanders know better. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those grey skies will be back. If you’ve jumped the gun and already stocked up on popsicles and lemonade, it might not hurt to have a plan B set…
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Palate Pleaser: Brunch at The Fireside

  It’s almost March, so how are your new year’s resolutions holding up? Are you still hitting the gym? Have you stopped biting your nails? Have you started using your piggy bank for something other than a paperweight for your bills? If not, don’t feel bad, this is a judgment-free zone. And to help you…
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Timbers Season is Kells Season!

Something that makes Portland such a great place is the passionate people who live here.  For example, when someone is chanting, “Go green!” with morale and excitement, they are probably encouraging you to live a healthy, sustainable life and more importantly they are cheering for their Timbers. On any given game day, a sea of…
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Portland Dining Month is Back!

  The city is gearing up to welcome back Portland Dining Month, and the deals are crazy! With over 100 restaurants participating for the month of March offering pre-fixed 3 course meals as low as $29 each, you’ll be hitting happy hours until April showers. Portland Dining Month is a great opportunity to finally hit…
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