Lunch Bowls to Satisfy Any Seattleite’s Appetite

The Chirashi Bowl of sashimi and seasoned rice at Japonessa. Photo source.

Fresh, colorful and full of flavor, there are some top-of-the-line lunch bowls to dig into around Seattle when you’re dining out mid-day. From salads and pastas, to poke and exotic combinations from the Mediterranean, you’re in for some amazing lunchtime eats when you stop at these top spots for lunch bowls.


Photo credit: Marketeering Group

Harried & Hungry | 1415 Third Avenue | 206-264-7900

Made-to-order and amazing, the salad bowls at Harried & Hungry are designed to be consumed wherever you’re most comfortable, from a table, desk or the road! The cafe offers some seriously delicious salads in all of your favorites: Caesar, Mediterranean, Cobb, Waldorf and even a specialty Lonestar, with a southwest-inspired mix of ingredients.


Japonessa | 1400 1st Avenue | 206-971-7979

If you’ve been to Japonessa for lunch before, you know about their specials on sushi for the midday crowd. The Mini Chirashi Bowl is just what you need to sate your hunger for a busy afternoon at work or seeing the sights near Pike Place Market. It’s crafted with an assortment of sashimi over seasoned rice. And for lunch or dinner, Japonessa’s Rainbow Poke bowl hits the spot with assorted sashimi and togarashi with a sesame oil soy sauce.


Petra Cafe | 1933 7th Avenue | 206-448-2604

Select your choice of protein from Lemon Garlic Chicken, Gyro (beef and lamb), or Vegetarian Falafel for your lunch bowl at Petra Cafe! It’s served over a bowl of rice with your choice of veggies, toppings and sauces for a sort of build-your-own Mediterranean dish experience.


Sprout | 512 2nd Avenue | 206-973-3766

Who said salads had to be boring? Certainly not the folks at Sprout, with their ‘patch to plate’ approach to fresh salad bowls that can also be enjoyed as wraps. And the options abound! From Sprout’s twist on classics like Cobb, Greek or BLT salads, to seasonal specialties that they announce on their Facebook page. Dig into a heaping bowl of fresh greens, veggies and protein—customize yours as you wish!