Mucca Osteria’s Risotto con Speck, Radicchio e Taleggio


From Simone Savaiano, chef-owner at Mucca Osteria: Risotto can be simple to make, you will just need to follow some advice. The veggie stock for example, you can make your own by using fresh ingredients, even just simple carrots, celery and onions. Place them in a large stockpot with cold water, bring it to boil and then reduce the heat and keep it there for 30 minutes. In Italy we say; “All make the broth.” That means that you can use pretty much everything, all the veggie scrap that you have in the house for doing this, but be careful, some colorful one will give in prevalence their color.

Risotto speck, radicchio and Taleggio cheese is a classic one, the bitterness of radicchio is contrast from the sweetness of the Taleggio, the speck will give a nice smoky finish. Love it and have fun in the kitchen, this is the secret.”

(Serves 2)

150 grams Carnaroli rice

5-6 leaves of radicchio Trevigiano

80 grams speck (an Italian cured, smoked meat)

100 grams Taleggio cheese

400 ml veggie stock

2 shallots

2 Tbs Parmigiano Reggiano

15 gram butter

1 Tbs extra virgin olive oil

White wine

Finely chop the shallots, cut the radicchio into strips and dice the speck. Saute all in a small pot with the olive oil for about two minutes.

Add rice with a pinch of salt toasting it at high heat for one minute while stirring.

Deglaze with white wine, let evaporate while continuing to stir.

Start to add the stock and stirring frequently, when stock has been absorbed add more until rice will be cooked al dente This will take about 15 minutes, however check directions from the rice brand to be sure.

At this point you need to have the risotto not creamy, but more wet. Add the butter and the Taleggio, stirring for one minute and remove it from the heat. It will need to rest for one minute covered.

Add the Parmigiano and stir some more. (Before adding the Parmigiano, the risotto should be still a little loose because the butter and Taleggio are just melting. The Parmigiano will give thickness to the risotto and will make it creamy. If before adding the risotto appears too dry and thick, adjust it by adding a little stock or hot water. Remember that the risotto will get denser by cooling down, so be confident while searching for the right consistency. The risotto is very manageable dish, if toasted right it will be hard to overcook.

Serve as you like, on a plate or bowl. Add more Parmigiano on top, fresh grinded black pepper or nutmeg, drizzling some balsamic reduction, or not, as you please.

For more tips, tricks and recipes, go to to purchase a cookbook. Proceeds go to benefit the hungry in your local area!

Photo Credits: Mucca Osteria

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