Savor Beef Tartare at These Seattle Spots

Beautiful steak tartare at Cafe Campagne. Photo source.

Beautiful steak tartare at Cafe Campagne. Photo source.

Steak is a treat, and when it’s served raw and French-style in a flavorful tartare, it’s even better. These restaurants around Seattle offer their own delicious take on steak/beef tartare, and whether you’re enjoying it for happy hour or a pre-dinner snack, it’s going to be a tasty treat!


Cafe Campagne | 1600 Post Alley | 206-728-2233

Happy Hour: Monday through Friday, 4 - 6 p.m.

Classic Parisian brasserie Cafe Campagne in the market makes an amazing beef tartare, with raw rib-eye mixed with shallots, capers, Dijon, and topped with a bright quail egg. It’s served with an arugula salad & toasted baguette slices for loading up with the tartare and munching.


Cuadra No. 32 | 2132 1st Avenue | 206-602-6432

Happy Hour: Daily, 3 - 7 p.m.

With a focus on fresh, beautiful and sustainably sourced ingredients, Cuadra No. 32 is a great spot to enjoy some good steak tartare. The eatery takes a tiny spin on their beef tartare, adding avocado to the classic mixture of minced steak, capers, shallots, egg yolk and stone ground mustard. Enjoy it with crispy crostini.


Local 360 | 2234 1st Avenue | 206-441-9360

Happy Hour: Daily, 3 - 6 p.m.

With ingredients sourced from within 360 miles of the restaurant, Local 360 has a truly Pacific Northwest beef tartare. Their twist is to include beets with the classic steak tartare recipe, and it’s topped with a fresh raw egg yolk and served with garlic chips and crostini that are perfect for dipping!


Quinn's Pub | 1001 E Pike Street | 206-325-7711

Happy Hour: Daily, 3 - 5 p.m.

Quinn’s is a classic Pacific Northwest pub, serving specialties such as bone marrow in addition to favorites like housemade pretzels and charcuterie for snacking. Quinn’s beef tartare is made with raw Painted Hills beef and traditional seasonings, topped with a quail egg yolk and served with crispy rosemary crostini.


Re:public | 429 Westlake Avenue N | 206-467-5300

Happy Hour: Daily, 4 - 6 p.m.

Of all of the eateries featured here, Re:public’s steak tartare is the most unique. It’s spicy, with the minced beef tossed in a grilled scallion and anaheim pepper puree with pickled baby beets. Cumin potato chips are provided for scooping up and enjoying this yummy tartare, with harissa on the side.