Seattle Turns Up the Heat with These Spicy Specialities

A delicious taco drizzled with spicy habañero and tomatillo salsa from Los Chilangos’ food truck at the Ballard Farmers Market. Photo source.

If you’re into spicy foods, this is the snapshot guide for you! We’re featuring some pretty great spots around town where you can get your heat fix.


Elemental Pizza | 2634 NE University Village Street | 206-524-4930

Pizzas are artfully crafted and deliciously wood-fired at Elemental Pizza, and this eatery has the perfect spicy ‘za for your tastes… the High Heat is first covered with rich housemade tomato sauce, then topped with ghost pepper salami from Zoe’s Meats, fresh mozzarella, and sweet hot peppers from Mama Lil’s.


La Isla | 2320 NW Market Street | 206-789-0516

Savor spicy hot prawns in flavorful Puerto Rican styled cuisine at La Isla. First, the prawns are sautéed in a marinade of olive oil, white wine and butter. Then, they are served as a shareable appetizer with your choice of sauce. Fans of spice will definitely want to taste the sauce made with fiery hot habañero and jalapeño, known as Isla de Fuego.


Los Chilangos |14008 NE 8th Street, Bellevue | 425-221-7623

Top your tacos with the spiciest of delicious salsa at the Taqueria Los Chilangos food truck! Now that summer is nearly here, farmers markets around the city are starting their 2017 season and Los Chilangos makes a stop at a few markets in and around Seattle for their market days. Don’t let the color of their spicy salsa fool you; that green tone comes from sweet tomatillos, which complement the spicy habañero for ideal heat and flavor.


Nirmal’s | 106 Occidental Avenue South | 206-683-9701

From the tandoori oven, Jinga Angare is a spicy Indian specialty at Nirmal’s. It’s a dish of jumbo prawns cooked and served with a fiery seasoning of sesame oil, carom seed and chaat masala.


The Wing Dome | Multiple Locations

With a location in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood as well as one on the Eastside in Kirkland, The Wing Dome is certainly a spot for finger-licking good wings. Their 7 Alarm Challenge will put any spicy food lover to the test… eat seven wings made in the 7 Alarm spicy sauce without a cooling beverage in just seven minutes! If you can’t take that kind of heat, they have less-spicy, but still hot options between 4- and 6-alarms: “On the Hot Side”, “Ouch! Severe Heat” and “I Can’t Feel My Face”. The Sambal Peanut and Blazin’ Chipotle specialty sauces are also on the spicy side.