Seattle’s Secret Speakeasy


If you are looking for a sophisticated place to have a finely crafted cocktail, then you will want to venture down to Needle and Thread.

The Needle and Thread is a swanky Speakeasy strategically and somewhat secretly located inside Tavern Law in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.  Gaining entry into Seattle’s secret lounge isn’t easy though.  You don't need a password or secret code to gain entry, but you do need a reservation.  If you don’t have a reservation, you can try your luck by picking up the old fashioned rotary phone next to the bank vault door and hope they’ll let you in.

After you are buzzed in through the bank vault door, you climb a few steps to a beautifully decorated small space filled with Prohibition Era decor and jazz music from musicians like Duke Ellington and Etta James.  You are promptly greeted by bartenders who will seat you in a comfortable corner and ask you what flavors you fancy for your cocktail.  These bartenders are concerned with crafting something unique that  you will love.  They aren’t able to make you any cocktails with pre-Prohibition spirits, though, because this is a Speakeasy after all.  Once settled in, peruse their dinner menu and make sure to order their Ham & Cheese Cracklings and the Foie Gras Torchon with Saskatoon berries.

The Needle and Thread is the perfect place to visit if you want to escape the madness of the outside world, if even only for a few finely crafted cocktails.  This Speakeasy is really all about the booze and keeping a low profile so speakeasy, don’t alert the cops, and keep this Seattle secret safe!

Photo Credit: Jason Trinkle