Specialty Dishes from Around the World, Right Here in Seattle

The Petra Royale, a local twist on classic Jordanian cuisine, at Petra Mediterranean Bistro. Photo source.

The Pacific Northwest has drawn people from around the world, and we’ve been lucky to have cuisines and foods from different cultures and countries added to our selection. Stop at these great restaurants in and around Seattle for some great opportunities to enjoy specialty dishes from around the world!

Annapurna Cafe | 1833 Broadway | 206-320-7770

Taste Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine at Annapurna Cafe and The Yeti Bar, with yummy noodle soups, curries, and unique dishes such as saag, kofta, and more. From their appetizer menu, be sure to try the MoMos! These are Tibetan-style dumplings with peanut, sesame and tomato chutneys for dipping.

Photo credit: Marketeering Group

India Gate Restaurant | 3080 148th Ave SE, Bellevue | 425-747-1075

Get a real taste for India at the India Gate Restaurant in Bellevue! Just a 20 minute drive from Downtown, India Gate offers authentic dishes such as Tikka Masala, Vindaloo, and Curry. Their Tandoori Chicken is particularly yummy - yogurt, ginger and garlic marinated chicken that’s baked in the traditional tandoor (clay oven).

La Isla | 2320 SW Market Street | 206-789-0516

The spice and vibrance of life in Puerto Rico comes to Seattle at La Isla in Ballard - it’s acclaimed as the best spot in the city to enjoy Puerto Rican cuisine. Order a Pernil Pastelon, La Isla’s most popular and authentic Puerto Rican dish, which is a sort of lasagna with layers of sweet plantains, mozzarella cheese and, if you order the favorite, ‘pernil’ - slow roasted pork with mojito flamboyan.

Petra Mediterranean Bistro | 2501 4th Avenue | 206-728-5389

Specializing in cuisine from the Mediterranean, nearby Middle Eastern countries such as Turkey and Jordan, and as far out as Morocco, Petra Mediterranean Bistro has a delicious and diverse selection of dishes to try. The Ouzi is one of the restaurant’s most authentic dishes from Jordan, where the ancient city of Petra is located (and how the restaurant gets its name!). The dish is ground beef mixed with rice, carrots and peas, and topped with your choice of meat with pine nuts, almond slivers and tzatziki sauce.

Soi | 1400 10th Avenue | 206-556-4853

SOI is doing Thai food differently, departing from the typical (mostly inauthentic) Thai cuisine that Americans have come to know, and returning to the styles and techniques of foods from the North Eastern region of Thailand, known as Issan. The Moo Ping (marinated pork tenderloin that’s barbecued and served with nam jim jaew) and Spicy Curried Prawns are some favorites.