Where to Stay & Eat in Beautiful Napa Valley

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This guest blog was submitted and written by Rachel Stinson.

Ask anyone you want and you’ll get the same answer. Napa Valley is an amazing place to visit with its pastoral green beauty, blond hills and warm sunny climate round the year. It offers the best places for the tourists to stay and enjoy the ambiance. The food places here offer the best quality food for food lovers. Whether you want a light salad appetizer or a full meal, you’ll be highly satisfied with the taste of the restaurants.

Are you ready to visit the Napa Valley? Get your minds set and pack your bags. Your tour ride to Napa is going to be thrilling. The least you worry about finding a place to stay, the more you’ll enjoy your trip. Its popularity among the tourists suggests that it has got all the best towns and restaurants to offer.

Enjoy your visit to the beautiful Napa Valley!

Wondering where to stay? We’ve sorted it all out for you

The towns located in Napa Valley are either near to scenic beauty or in the center of the busy cities. Either way, they offer an entirely opposite yet amazing experience for the tourists. All the towns have amazing restaurants and hotels where people can stay.

If you want to live in a touristy area packed with tourists and loaded with beautiful sights, you can go for the Yountville or the Calistoga town. The hotel Yountville is famous for its hospitality and fresh ambiance. Moreover, the people who stayed here reviewed it as a beautiful place to stay in. Auberge resort, another place with its pretty views warmly welcomes the tourists to stay in the luxurious bedrooms. The prices of these and other hotels all around the Napa Valley are quite reasonable.

Do you want to stay in a classy place at Napa? The Westin Verasa Napa is another exquisite location to stay in. The trendy architect and stylish ambiance of the place allow you to enjoy your trip lavishly. From the food to rooms, staff service and cleanliness; everything is spot on. For those who love to stay by a beach view place, the hotels at Sonoma coast are best for you. The wild tides and the warm sunlight make the breeze even more charming here. Do try the place and have fun.

Eat the most delicious food in the wine country

Napa Valley is full of a variety of restaurants where you can eat both continental and traditional cuisine. From the relaxing and soothing dining places in St. Helena to up street and chic ones in Yountville, you can sit back and relax anywhere you want.

At Napa, we also have the stylish ad VOC food place with its warm American comfort food and romantic and lovely outdoor patio place named Celadon restaurant at Napa River Inn. Both these food places offer five-star quality food and attractive environment. The delicious operation falafel recipe run by the top chefs of Napa Valley is quite successful in the area too.

You can taste the seasonal food at Solbar Calistoga resort or drink to the fullest at Quixote winery. Who doesn’t like to get their taste buds excited with Italian? For the best, visit the famous Bistro Don Giovanni or the great Oenotri at the 1425 1st Street for some mouth-watering Italian dishes. Napa valley is full of flavors and you can try the best at one or more restaurants easily. Whether its French cuisine you are looking for or side junk food bar to go along, Napa food places wouldn’t disappoint you at all.

Napa Valley, a place to adore!

From its lush beautiful vineyards to the up and down hills, from its delicious food to exhilarating activities in the area, enjoy everything to the fullest. Napa valley is a mere source of relief. Make sure you use it to the fullest.


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