Steaks Cooked to Perfection at These Seattle Spots

The steak at the Grill From Ipanema is slow-roasted on open-flame charcoal grills for ultimate natural flavor and juiciness! Photo source.

For the meat lovers among us, there’s no replacement for a thick, juicy steak! Cooked to perfection, with just enough pink in the middle and just the right amount of seasonings or spices, a good steak is satisfying and delicious. So where can you get a good steak around Seattle? These spots should be at the top of your list…



Cuadra No. 32 | 2132 1st Avenue | 206-602-6432
A hearty 12-ounce steak is a must when dining at Cuadra No. 32. It’s served with seasonal accompaniments to compliment your palate, while retaining seasonal freshness and quality. Enjoy it with an expertly paired glass of wine, or sample a craft cocktail.


Doc's Marina Grill | 403 Madison Avenue S | 206-842-8339

Although it’s only available on the weekends at Doc’s, the Prime Rib is a must! The nature of the meat cut itself means that it’s extremely tender, unbelievably juicy, and boldly flavored - all made even better at Doc’s Grill, where the beef is drizzled with their housemade horseradish sauce. The Prime Rib is gluten free, served with au jus, seasonal veggies and your choice of starch. Order a 10- or 12-ounce cut.


Grill From Ipanema | 2313 1st Avenue | 206-457-4885

The Grill From Ipanema is known as being one of the best Brazilian steakhouses in the city, so you can put your money on the idea that this place doesn’t hold any punches when it comes to steak! Their authentic Rodizio-style (prix-fixe) Brazilian buffet allows you to taste your favorite cuts of beef, expertly cooked over the open flame, with your choice of a variety of sides.


Heartwood Provisions | 1103 1st Avenue | 206-582-3505

When it comes to steak at Heartwood Provisions, you have two really delicious options. There’s the Wagyu Beef Short Rib, served with emmer porridge, horseradish, quince ketchup, and kimchi. That’s absolutely amazing. There’s also the Dry-Aged Prime NY Steak, with gruyère potatoes, wild mushroom, and black pepper-scotch jus. Every bite is sumptuous!


McCormick & Schmick's | 1200 Westlake Avenue N | 206-270-9052

While the seafood is fantastic at McCormick & Schmick’s, the steak options will have your mouth watering! From filet mignon and top sirloin, to New York Strip steak or dry-rubbed Black Angus ribeye, you certainly won’t go away hungry. And there are some delicious sides to choose from as a compliment.