Stop by These Seattle Shops for a Perfect Pastry

A spread of macarons, éclairs and other pastries at the renowned Le Panier in Pike Place Market. Photo source.

We all deserve a little splurge here and there - an indulgence in something special. When you’re on the hunt for a sweet pastry to treat yourself, these Seattle shops are treasure troves for all things chocolate, frosted, or cream-filled...


Choukette éclair'art | 1500 Western Avenue | 206-209-2243

Filled with delicious cream custard and topped with rich chocolate or frosting, éclairs are a much loved French pastry that choukette éclair'art does exceptionally well. After all, their artisan pastries are made by artists with a focus on discipline, creativity, execution and a little bit of folly from the sinfully delicious nature of these treats.


Fonté Café | 1321 1st Avenue | 206-777-6193

While Fonté is known for their coffee, which is brewed in many a café throughout the city, their actual café location has some wonderful breakfast and lunch entrees. Even better, their pastries make the perfect compliment to a steaming cappuccino or latte… From the hand-crafted coffee cake to six different kinds of croissant preparations, Fonté has a pastry to suit your palate’s desires.


Le Panier | 1902 Pike Place | 206-441-3669

Nestled within Pike Place Market for many years, Le Panier is well-known for bringing the best when it comes to hand-crafted French pastries, bread, macarons and more. Try their yummy tarts, consume a sweet croissant, and munch on authentic macarons. Take your pick from the vast spread of tasty sweet French goodies behind Le Panier’s bountiful counter!


Petra Mediterranean Bistro | 2501 4th Avenue | 206-728-5389

After you’ve dined on authentic cuisine from the Mediterranean, Jordan and other Middle Eastern spots at Petra Bistro, don’t skip dessert! The Belltown eatery’s baklawa is a must-try, with four different preparations. The flaky phillo dough pastry is rolled around nuts (cashews, pistachios, or walnuts) and topped with pure sugar cane sugar for the perfect amount of sweetness. Can’t decide? Order the Baklawa Sampler so you can taste the full selection!


Le Rêve Bakery | 1805 Queen Anne Avenue N | 206-623-7383

Head to upper Queen Anne for a taste of Paris at Le Rêve Bakery! From cakes and cookies to fresh macarons and tarts, this little bakery has some distinct French flair with their beautifully crafted pastries. Each pastry is made in small batches and from scratch. Order ahead for cakes, macarons and more for special occasions!