Where to Drink Sustainable Coffee in Boise, Idaho

People care much more now where their food and drink come from. The generic greasy spoon breakfast place with their Styrofoam take away cups is not what people are looking for anymore. Thankfully, there are coffee shops like Form and Function in Boise, Idaho.

Environmentally Conscious Practices

As well as caring for the greater world and its sustainable coffee farmers, Form and Function also care about its city. Their bags of whole bean coffee are packaged in paper, instead of some non-biodegradable substance. Their takeout cups are cardboard, and you know by looking at the interior of the coffee shop that they would be behind all kinds of other green practices like finding the best solar panels for community businesses and recycling programs.

Sustainable Coffee Origins

Let's face it, most traditional coffee shops don't bother telling you where their coffee comes from because it wouldn't be that impressive. Form and Function has an entire website page about each of its coffees, which includes where they were grown and even photos of the coffee farmers. You can't get more knowledgeable about what you're drinking than that. Best of all, the sale of coffee supports family farms worldwide. Along with a cup of coffee, you can feel great about, they also serve an impressive avocado toast or super healthy fruit and grain bowl.

Care in Preparation

Hand in hand with this high-quality coffee comes to a commitment to preparing it well. The baristas put care into every cup and you will receive a well-crafted drink. If you order a latte, you might even get a cool design on top.

Forget pumpkin spice everything because, at Form and Function, they make their own orange maple spice syrup, which sounds even better.

Community Care

Form and Function care about its customers and community. It has a convenient parking lot so no one has to worry about city parking. Space itself is also gorgeous and airy and light comes in most of the day from the many windows. It's a perfect place to sit and relax.

They have a coffee van that brings their goodness out into the community for events. If you'd like to see them at your event, follow and contact them via Instagram @ffcoffeetruck. There are also cafe events like "Cold Coffee and You", which was held recently and co-sponsored by Boise Co-op and Edible Idaho.

Stop by and check them out sometime soon. We're sure you'll leave happy.