Sweet Meets Savory in These Seattle-Made Dishes

A sampling of sweet and savory waffles from Sweet Iron. Photo source.

When flavor worlds collide, the result is either disastrous or delectable -- there isn’t likely an in-between. While some combos are best likened to oil and water, a thoughtful sweet-plus-savory dish brings two polar opposites together in unexpected harmony. Experience the pairing done right at these Seattle picks.

Cure | 1641 Nagle Pl | 206-568-5475

Cure knows just how to strike the perfect flavor balance with winning combos of sweet, savory, spicy, salty, tangy… you dream it and there’s a trifecta of meat, cheese, and complements (from jams and jellies to pickled veggies) that can tickle that oddly specific craving you’re not quite sure how to name. The Fromage Blanc Crostini -- which features creamy chevre drizzled with truffle honey alongside crunchy housemade crostini -- is one such offering. Get yours at happy hour (4-6 p.m. daily), dinner, or during late-night service.

Harried & Hungry | 1415 3rd Ave | 206-264-7900

The Frenchie actualizes all your flavor fantasies: salty umami with a slight kick (pepper-crusted brined pork loin), rich and creamy (brie), subtly sweet (apple butter), earthy (arugula), and undeniably fresh (all tucked inside a house-baked Ciabatta baguette). Harried & Hungry can hook you up on your lunch break at the downtown cafe location or at your catered office meeting (look for the Petite Sandwich Platter in two sizes that provide snacks for up to 15 people). Bonus: gluten-free sandwich lovers can get in on the sweet/savory love!

Tin Lizzie Lounge | 600 Queen Anne Ave N | 206-282-7407

It’s never too early to pull out all the stops, so why not indulge a little at brunch? Lower Queen Anne’s Tin Lizzie Lounge supports your sweet and savory goals with a must-try bacon pear tart. Bacon speaks for itself, but when paired up with pear, it speaks just a little louder. Each handmade tart is served warm and topped with vanilla bean crème fraîche.

Sweet Iron Waffles | Multiple locations

Liège-style waffles provide a slightly sweet foundation (courtesy of specialty pearl sugar mixed into the brioche batter) for savory toppings. Sweet Iron, located in Capitol Hill and downtown, offers three standout sweet and savory creations on its fixed menu: bacon and maple syrup; roasted turkey breast with havarti cheese and raspberry jam; and herbed goat cheese, hazelnuts, and honey. Be sure to ask about seasonal specials for further flavor experimentation.