This Just In: Bacon and Beer Classic is Taking Over the Home of the Seattle Mariners! Safeco Field – May 2nd.

FOR  IMMEDIATE  RELEASE  - ­Bacon  and  beer  lovers  the  anticipation  is  over!  The   Bacon  and  Beer  Classic  is  back  in  Seattle  on  Saturday,  May  2nd  at  Safeco  Field!     Now  in  its  second  year,  the  Bacon  and  Beer  Classic  combines  bacon,  beer,  and  the   ballpark  for  an  event  not  soon  forgotten!

Cannonball  Productions  brings  the  Bacon  and  Beer  Classic   (  to  the  home  of  the  Mariners,  for  a  unique  tasting   experience  on  May  2.    Fans  can  attend  the  Brunch  session  from  12  p.m.  to  3  p.m.,  or   the  Evening  session  running  7p.m.  until  10  p.m.  VIP  guests  will  have  1-­‐hour  early   admission  (11am  and  6pm  respectively),  exclusive  entrance  to  the  VIP  area  on  the   warning  track  and  dugouts,  samples  of  craft  beer  on  the  field,  and  more!  The  option   to  attend  both  sessions  is  available,  however  separate  entrance  tickets  are  required.

The  Bacon  and  Beer  Classic  is  a  one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind  event  uniting  bacon  and  beer   enthusiasts  nationwide.    Hosted  in  major  league  baseball  stadiums  on  non-­‐game  day   Saturdays  across  America,  The  Bacon  and  Beer  Classic  brings  in  the  best  local   breweries  and  restaurants  for  a  day  full  of  mouth-­‐watering  beer  and  bacon  samples,   accompanied  by  DJs,  interactive  games,  beer  schools  and  cooking  demos.  From   novice  tasters  to  expert  consumers,  there  is  something  for  everyone  at  this  event!

The  tour  visited  New  York  City  and  Seattle  last  year  and  has  grown  exponentially  to   include  more  than  eight  destinations  nationwide  this  year!    “Seattle  was  a  great   kickoff  to  the  Bacon  and  Beer  Classic  series  last  year  and  we  are  so  excited  to  be   BACK  at  Safeco  Field!”  says  Kate  Levenstien,  founder  of  Cannonball  Productions  and   Bacon  and  Beer  Classic.    “Seattle  is  a  dream  town  for  foodies  with  some  of  the  best   restaurants  and  breweries  in  the  world!  We  have  even  more  vendors  onboard  than  last  year  and  cannot  wait  for  everyone  to  taste  all  of  the  BEST  local  flavors  of   Seattle!”

The  all-­‐star  line  up  of  breweries  and  restaurants  participating  grows  each  day.     Over  40  local  brewers  including  Elysian  Brewery,  Georgetown  Brewery,   Snoqualmie  Falls,  Northwest  Brewing  Company,  and  Fish  Brewing  Company  are  all   signed  up  to  serve  at  least  two  of  their  most  coveted  craft  selections.    Chefs  from   40+  expected  restaurants  are  challenged  to  bring  their  most  inventive  and   delicious  bacon-­‐inspired  dishes  to  the  plate.    Local  restaurants  including  Dumpling   Tzar,  Manhattan  Seattle,  Hard  Rock  Café,  Rhein  Haus,  Boom  Noodle  and  Duke’s   Chowder  House  will  be  dishing  out  their  best  bacon  bites.  The  combination  of   refreshing  craft  beer  and  delectable  bacon  is  sure  to  please  all  palettes!

The  Bacon  and  Beer  Classic  brings  in  an  all-­‐star  lineup  at  each  event  to  judge  all  the   sips  and  tastes,  and  award  winners  in  select  categories.    Seattle’s  judging  panel   includes;  Ethan  Stowell,  Chef/Owner  of  Ethan  Stowell  Restaurants,  Kendall  and   Kim  Jones,  Co-­‐founders  of  the  Washington  Beer  Blog,  Charles  Koh,  Founder  of   EatSeattle,  Ann  Peavey,  Chef  Concierge  and  Blogger/Photographer,  and  Julien   Perry,  food  writer  and  co-­‐founder  of  the  One  Night  Only  Project.

The  Bacon  and  Beer  Classic  is  always  an  all-­‐inclusive  event!  General  Admission   tickets  are  $59  and  they  are  going  fast!    Fans  may  choose  to  purchase  the  VIP   Experience  ticket  for  $99.  All  tickets  include  a  souvenir  Bacon  and  Beer  Classic   branded  glass  to  take  home.  Designated  driver  tickets  are  available  at  a  cost  of  $29.

Cannonball  Productions  works  hard  to  make  a  national  series  event  feel  personal  to   each  city.   They  partner  with  neighborhood  vendors  and  organizations  to  give  this   event  that  local  hometown  feel.  This  year  they  have  partnered  with  One  Brick,  a   charity  that  brings  volunteers  together  to  help  share  this  experience  with  the   community.

For  up-­to-­date  information  on  the  event,  please  visit the Bacon and Beer Classic website.

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