Timbers Season is Kells Season!

Kells 2

Something that makes Portland such a great place is the passionate people who live here.  For example, when someone is chanting, “Go green!” with morale and excitement, they are probably encouraging you to live a healthy, sustainable life and more importantly they are cheering for their Timbers. On any given game day, a sea of green can be heard roaring inside Providence Park in Northwest Portland, singing along to one of the many Timbers cheers they’ve been caught reciting in their sleep. Our Timbers Army is filled with the biggest, baddest soccer fans in the country, and they all have a personal favorite bar they hit to celebrate a big win or ease the pain of an undeserved loss. Where is this overwhelming favorite amongst fans? Kells, of course!

If you can’t catch the game in person, or aren’t a fan of the luxurious stadium seating, Kells is a “Timbers Army approved” recommendation that will make you forget all about the sticky floors and overpriced pretzels you’re missing out on. With two locations, Kells offers plenty to cheer about for fans of food, fun, and fútbol.

Kell's Brew Pub

Kells may as well be soccer fan headquarters; jerseys and trophies are hung proudly above the seating area for everyone to gaze upon the glory that is the greatest sport known to man. Not only does Kells have plenty of finger foods (you haven’t lived ‘til you’ve tried the Kells Whiskey Wings) and fresh, frothy beer on tap to choose from (including the Official Craft Beer of the Portland Timbers, Widmer Hefeweizen), but their downtown location even provides transportation to and from the game in their very own double decker bus. For only a buck, this mean, green, designated-driver machine will let you enjoy the game without the worry of driving home under the influence of alcohol (even if you’ve only had the whiskey wings).

Even more conveniently, Kells’ Northwest location on 21st Avenue is just a stone’s throw away from the stadium. Game day brings Timbers fans from far and wide to the brewpub known for its traditional Irish beer, entrees, and live music. If you’ve never seen the Running of the Bulls, save yourself the trip to Spain and hit NW 21st when the Timbers are playing. The street fills with die hard fans, adorned in green gear and faces painted akin to something out of Braveheart.

Now that the season is upon us, it’s time to head to Kells, grab a beer, and root for the Timbers!

Photo credit: Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub